Our Glasgow Team Away Day

Posted on 27 May 2016

the studio team during the studio Glasgow away day

“More than” or “Less than” birth place to Glasgow

In this modern age where information is fast and easily gained, we as a populous have a habit of losing interest and attention fairly quickly. So instead of a long winded, super descriptive take on our away day, here’s a countdown of what we got up to!

  1. Venturing into the unknown and uncharted territory (logistics wise), we transported our whole team to where you ask? Scotland of course! As it’s no wee rumour, Glasgow will be the home of our 4th venue, so the perfect location for a good ol’ studio bonding session.
  2. Much needed hearty breakfast boost at the impressive Citizen M (unique hotel/events space born in Amsterdam) followed by a tour of the facilities… Everyone loved the mood lighting and of course the breakfast spread!
  3. Moving onto Grand Central Hotel where we held our traditional team rally, new recruits warmly welcomed it was time to get into the nitty gritty of the business, past present and future. With the threat of an early start and a breakfast food coma dipping our concentration levels, a much welcomed game of “Run Around” dominated the session.
  4. Happy Birthday Evie! We sang, we cut and we ate.
  5. Lo and behold thestudioglasgow! The team were lucky enough to have a “pre-fit out” viewing of our newest space … Just a viewing? We think not! For our challenge we were split into groups, locking horns over crowning the rooms with a meaningful studio-esq brand name and quote. See if you can guess from our 3d plans on the website which ones were the winners…
  6. We know the saying about all work and being a dull boy… So as the evening drew closer, it was time to let our hair down, celebrate our achievements and enjoy an exclusive open top bus tour of beautiful Glasgow. Definitely living the Glaswegian high life.
  7. If you’ve been to one of our venues before, you’d know how much all of us love food. And for the love of food, we dined and went to meat eater’s heaven: Viva Brazil. With 14 cuts of meat which are brought to the table then specifically and individually carved, there wasn’t need for much movement unless you fancied something from the unlimited salad bar.
  8. Bellies filled, drinks drank, it was time to call it a night but not before a cheeky night cap at the stunning Hotel Indigo. A great hotel that is graced with both modernity and grandeur.
  9. Return home!

Our team had a smashing time and if you’re in search for some solid advice or inspiration from turning a dreaded away day to a day looked forward to, feel free to contact us! After all, we love a good mind map 🙂