warm up, stay alert and break down barriers

Make the right impact at your meeting, conference or event with team building, icebreaker and energiser activities expertly managed by enthusiastic and professional event staff.

Delivered in partnership with team building specialist Eventurous our guaranteed ‘cringe-free’ packages are available across all of our locations in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow and are designed to delight and inspire each participant; providing the perfect way to warm up audiences, break down barriers and even refresh participants with high-energy activities.

Popular team building options delivered in partnership with Eventurous

Hybrid GPS Treasure Hunt

Group Size: Unlimited

Duration: 1 – 2.5 hours

Price: from £250+VAT set up cost plus £15+VAT per participant

Take a break from the indoors and experience something new with our latest interactive, points-based Hybrid GPS Treasure Hunt.

Hosted by our Event Manager via Zoom, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams, your team will be tasked to navigate across their chosen location to locate hotspots and answer a variety of team challenges. Key features include:

  • Live leader board and chat facility
  • Bespoke and branded company questions and puzzles
  • Fun video challenges that encourage collaboration and creativity

At the end of the event, all photos and videos will be streamed live for everyone to see on your chosen video platform, leading to some hilarious results! 

iPad Treasure Hunt

View on YouTube

Group Size: Unlimited

Duration: 1 – 2.5 hours

Price: from £800+VAT for up to 20 participants (£40+VAT for each additional participant)

Issued with a mobile GPS device, our interactive high-tech treasure hunts will have your teams racing across their chosen location to solve a series of fun puzzles and challenges. Our iPad Treasure Hunt is packed with a variety of interactive and exciting features. These are just a few examples of what you can expect on your event

  • Get creative with some photo and video challenge
  • Take part in interactive puzzle
  • Personalised and bespoke questions
  • An experienced Event Manager

To conclude the event, a short presentation will be delivered where teams will have the opportunity to see all the photos and videos taken throughout their experience.

This highly interactive corporate treasure hunt is fantastic for team bonding and improving collaborative communication and problem-solving skills all whilst having fun.

Diamond Heist

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Group Size: 20 – 200

Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: from £1,000+VAT for up to 20 participants (£35+VAT for each additional participant)

Let us bring the thrill and intrigue of an escape room directly to you with our exciting table-top team building experience.

Teams go head-to-head to be the first group to steal the legendary Maltese Diamond. With only 90 minutes on the clock before the security systems go back online and alert the authorities of your actions, teams must work closely together if they are to achieve success. This purely table-top escape room experience will have teams testing their communication and collaborative skills and boasts and exciting array of features and benefits such as:

  • Unique team challenges
  • Fully event managed by team building professionals.
  • Ignite some friendly competition
  • Foster better team skills and develop trust within teams

A personal favourite of our indoor activities, our Diamond Heist Escape Room is suited to a wide range of personalities, abilities and skills.

Indoor Crystal Clear

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Group Size: 20 – 200

Duration: 2 – 3 hours

Price: from £1,950+VAT for up to 40 participants (£45+VAT for each additional participant)

Inspired by the classic 90’s hit tv show, The Crystal Maze, our indoor Crystal Clear Challenge will test your communication qualities as you take part in a series of fun, exciting and unique team challenges.

Participants will experience a variety of cerebral, physical and mystery activities, winning crystals for maximum time in the dome. Take a closer look at the features and benefits of our Crystal Clear experience:

  • Professional host and Maze master
  • Event finale, photos and awards ceremony
  • A mix of physical and cerebral team building activities
  • Time in our indoor inflatable crystal dome

Working closely as a team is key to success; this is your opportunity to improve communication skills within teams, ignite some healthy competitive spirit and encourage collaboration as colleagues work together.

The Bigger Picture

Group Size: 15 – 200

Duration: 2 – 4 hours

Price: from £2,400+VAT for up to 40 participants (£45+VAT for each additional participant)

Unleash your inner artist as you and your colleagues work together to create a 6ft x 4ft masterpiece from memory. Assisted by one of our experienced events staff, each team is tasked to produce a predefined painting before time runs out.

Choose between recreating a well-known piece of art or create something entirely new with a bespoke piece that helps reinforce and communicate your company message and brand. To conclude the event, all sections are fitted together to discover if the final result is a true masterpiece or a master-fail!

Some of the event benefits include:

  • A unique opportunity to communicate company message
  • Ignite creative skills and help develop new ideas
  • Foster better communication skills to help enhance trust within teams

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Prices quoted are based upon the activity taking place at thestudiobirmingham. Prices may vary depending on location.

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