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our IT boys

Here at thestudio we are very proud of our technical support, we have our own IT/AV engineers onsite, fondly known as our “IT boys” (no girls at present!)

The IT boys understand the pressures that presenters and organisers feel worrying about their day. They are always available to help support with all your technical requirements, you can even book one all day for your event.

Rest assured, if you need any help, the IT boys will be there!

video conferencing

Sometimes it's just not possible or practical to have a face-to-face meeting, sometimes a telephone conversation or conference call is adequate, other times an email will suffice. Video conferencing adds another possible alternative.

We recommend a video conference when:

A live conversation is needed
Visual information is an important component of the conversation
The parties of the involved can't physically come to the same location
The expense or time of travel is a consideration.

Here at thestudio we offer a state of the art video conferencing facility. It is possible to host face to face conferences, group meetings, interviews, formal court hearings.