6 weeks on and it’s not all about 6  

Posted on 17 September 2020

So in the space of what seems like just a few weeks my life now revolves around the number 6… When you ask me how I’m feeling then I’ll more than likely give you the minimum of 6/10 rising to a heady 9/10 on the very best of days.  

The very highest of these was during last week’s UKickstart Event where I got to see some of my favourite industry friends and clients face to face in our Leeds venue. It was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate that it is completely feasible (and legal) to host events of up to 30 guests across multiple venues and that this can readily be combined with “hybrid options to create a truly national event for hundreds of delegates to attend.  

The feedback from the part we hosted was really encouraging with guests loving the little touches: the informative but amusing signage, the handy QR Track and Trace Code, sanitiser stations, the clean lines of our venues, the lack of clutter and most importantly the “Snack Attack bag” ! Everyone was at ease and in no time we were comfortably networking without feeling compromised.

Unanimously we agreed, it was great to be back! 

My enthusiasm for the events industry has never diminished but it’s been tested to the limit over recent days. The “rule of 6” has once again caused confusion and uncertainty for clients looking to book small events. So I feel I need to make the message clear:  

Until a further increase is communicated UK venues remain open for business meetings, training, interviews and exam space for up to 30 guests. We’re here, we’re ready and waiting for you to give it a try. We’re confident your guests will enjoy the experience and relish the opportunity to meet face to face… whether it’s for 2, 4, 6 or more of you we’ll give you all the space you need! 


We look forward to seeing YOU soon 


Julian Kettleborough 

Commercial Director, Customer First Venue Services Ltd