Afternoon Tea Time!

Posted on 14 August 2018

It’s time to raise that pinky and dust off those delicately decorated tiered dishes as this week we’re celebrating Afternoon Tea. A week dedicated to possibly the most British customs, it would be a sin not to get involved with some fun facts and the possibility of winning scones!

Tweet us your first choice finger food pic @studiovenues… The best pic could win complimentary scones to go with their next event!

3 things you might not have known…

1. Just what the Duchess ordered. Afternoon tea came about as a royal “pick me up”, in the 1800’s it was common for people to survive off only two meals a day! No wonder the Duchess of Bedford introduced bite size delights to her daily routine. We couldn’t imagine eating only twice a day, could you?

2. Low tea or high tea? Thankfully neither involves stilts or retreating to the basement! Both teas reveal social status, the time they’re eaten and, funnily enough, the table height! In the past, low tea was a commonly set up on coffee tables as a pre-dinner indulgence enjoyed by the high class. Unlike the middle class who’d enjoy it as a substitute for dinner and was commonly served at the dinner table… We like to think food as a gateway to building relationships. A cheeky afternoon tea is a brilliant way to break up the day and of course connect with those around you…

3. Intruder scones! That’s right, scones crashed the party, they weren’t part of the traditional selection of bites but were introduced during the 20th century. Now there’s only one question left to ask… a dollop of cream or jam first?

So much selection…
Bursting with sweet and savoury options, afternoon tea is a winner when it comes to social gatherings. Break the ice and start circulating, food is always a great conversation starter… Who knows it might end up with a new business venture! Luckily you don’t have to search far and wide for a great selection, we’re happy to host! Or you can do as thestudio team are doing… enjoying it throughout the week! Happy afternoon teaing from thestudio.