and I will walk 10,000 miles (I mean steps)…

Posted on 26 March 2014

There is a particular phenomenon typically experienced by astronauts called the Overview Effect. When individuals view the pale blue dot (Earth) surrounded by the blackness of space it induces a sudden philosophical realisation of complete unity, recognition that:

“All life on earth is interconnected, and we are, in a very real sense, one.”

Unfortunately I haven’t viewed the Earth from space, but am certain, like me, you can appreciate this ethereal bond we have to our planet and to each other.

 Walking for a Cause…

Everyone has experienced a day when the plumber has switched the water off and instantly you feel as though life has come to a stop, rendering you unable to do many of the things that come so naturally without a second thought like taking a shower, washing clothes or just simply having a brew. Our water will always come back on, we don’t have to fear death when we turn the tap (the scene in Home Alone 2 when Marv gets electrocuted comes to mind). But the dangers these people face for just water is a reality.

When I found out that I could raise money for clean water in developing countries by just walking I couldn’t say no. My sister Harj (who has now just had her 15 minutes of fame) told me about the CARE charity fundraising event and as I regularly aim to do 8,000 steps a day, cranking it up to 10,000 and raising money for some lovely  people around the globe who’d be hugely grateful for my efforts seemed like a no brainer.

With the goal to raise £1,500 securely planted in my mind I pondered: who can help me fundraise? THE GENEROUS BUNCH AT thestudio OF COURSE!

Not only will working here help me achieve my step count but also aid in raising money towards either water sanitation or their OWN well! No more losing life and limb for H2O.

Sounds like times for celebration are on their way!

Editor’s note: Jyoti is part of our Catering team, if you would like to join her efforts is raising money for clean water in developing countries please donate here.