Back to School

Posted on 21 August 2015

With the remnants of the British summer slowly dying away, it won’t be long till the luscious green hues of spring and summer fade into a pile of crispy leaves. It’s almost time to dig out the cosy jumpers, gloves and boots! As appealing as that sounds you’d be forgiven for feeling like 2015 is nearly done and dusted. Thankfully there are some great things yet to come before we bid farewell to 2015!

There are quite a few exciting events still in this year’s pipeline and one of which seems to be edging closer and closer is our third venues’ grand opening in Leeds.

Speaking of grand openings, Grand Central – Birmingham’s newest retail destination will launch on 24th September perfectly timed to co-incide with the Birmingham Weekender Event taking place in key locations around the city. If you’re thinking about steaming ahead with your Christmas shopping you can enjoy the exciting arrival of the largest John Lewis outside of London.

With Autumn approaching thoughts turn to “back to school” and from the 1st Sept onwards we’ll be making a £10.00 contribution to Wood Street Mission for every booking made in Classroom, one of the 10 vibrant event spaces we have in our Manchester venue, for more details on Classroom take a look here.

Like us, we bet you’ve got some great memories of school; we hope all children feel as though they are able to have the same opportunities and can create some smashing memories like we all did. The proceedings will enable Wood Street Mission to gear our next generation with supplies and resources to encourage a brighter future, with everything from P.E kits to stationary. Now that’s what we call a great start to the academic year!

In the spirit of mismatched socks, forgotten P.E kits and everything that makes you reminisce about your school days; we thought it would be interesting to ask the team what their fondest school memory was!

Laura Nash: “When I was at primary school a hot air balloon came to visit. It was a really sunny day and we all got to sit on the school field and learn about how hot air balloons worked. They then went up in balloon and took a photo of the whole school from above. I still have the picture now.”

Mandy Banga: “I have a few! But from Junior/Primary school, I suppose this one stick with me the most because the quote on 2nd floor always reminds me of it. Mrs Gosnay used to take us outside to the field outside our hut in the summer and read Adrian Mole to us.”

Lawrence Cairns-Smith: “Michael Barber and I decided to ‘wag it’ one day and spent the day ‘dossing about’  around Cannon Hill park, we also rode our bikes up to Pebble Mill and sat peering over the fence watching what was going on. When we arrived back at Michael’s house however his Mum asked if we’d had a nice day at school only she’d “seen us on Pebble Mill at One” – busted!”

Anna Morrissey: “Fondest memory – aside from all of it (proper teacher’s pet and I absolutely LOVED school) was probably being in a ‘proper’ school play when I was about 16, I was in West Side Story and had always wanted to do a play but had been too shy to audition because I couldn’t sing or dance, my drama teacher told me I had to play this specific part as I was the only person he wanted to do it AND there was no singing or dancing BONUS! We went on a residential holiday for a weekend for final rehearsals, made some amazing friends, had a stupid amount of fun and got to perform in front of a paying audience for 3 nights at the end of term. Bloody loved it!”

Anna, maybe this is an idea to nurture for one of our next studio team away days!?