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Posted on 25 June 2014

In the ever changing wedding industry how do we begin to piece together our wedding product?

It had to start with what we already have and know…

We have a fun, fabulous and unique venue right in the heart of the city centre, not a traditional wedding venue by any stretch of the imagination, but fantastic all the same!

Then we considered the types of guests who are looking to have a quirky day that suits their individual style and is guaranteed to be completely different to any of their friend’s big days – aren’t we all?

Weddings BirminghamImagine… jam jar cocktails on our fairy lit roof garden, mouth-watering smells of open BBQ’s cooking up a flavoursome feast or fancy champagne and sophisticated canapés in our modern and contemporary Atrium bar. To cut a long, descriptive story about the venue short- it’s flexible. This is exactly where inspiration for our wedding product comes from, and indeed the inspiration to our slogan; Your Day, Your Way.

It’s simple and suits everyone we thought could be our customers; Whatever their background, we wanted to offer couples looking to tie the knot somewhere fresh to hold their celebrations and make it clear that they call the shots. We say “tell us what you want and we will use our creative-ness to make it happen”.

So, we knew what, we knew who and where. So now we needed the how…

Bouncing our silly and crazy ideas around led us to our brand new wedding brand and sister brand of thestudio with all the best bits and more; WEDU (pronounced we do/wed u – either one is fine).

The marketing campaign needed to be eye-catching and we’re used to thinking out of the box. So naturally we came up with a Jack Russell wearing a purple hat (and pearls- of course) and Spacehoppers and Mannequins plus others. What better way to show people we are fun, different and open to anyone and anyway they wish to celebrate?

So, what started as a quest to capture a slice of the wedding cake in the city has set us on a journey with a new, specialised brand to our company and a mission to let everyone know all about it!

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To be continued….