Happy International Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day…

Posted on 08 June 2015

IMG_2355If you’re hoping the UK will follow the trend of American Doughnut shops and hand them out for free… then come join thestudio on this occasion and delve into some delicious doughnuts!

Duel National Day…

Today is also National Best Friend Day and is there a better way to express your love by giving your bestie a doughnut. No good reason not to!* (Unless they don’t like them…)

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We Doughnut believe it…

Did you know that International Doughnut Day was originally commemorated in honour of the men and women who dished out this holey treat to soldiers during the First World War? Neither did we but now we do!

Have you heard of Donut King? In celebrating The Simpsons Movie release onto DVD, they constructed the world’s largest donut out of 90,000 smaller donuts, taking over 9 hours in total… This Australian franchise truly is the King of Donuts!

Mmm Doughtnuts *drool*…

Apart from being Homer Simpson’s most cherished nosh, these desserts originated from across the pond in the Netherlands! Apparently they were known as “olykoeck” which is Dutch for oily cake.

Donut or Doughnut?

If you’re not going to win a Spelling Bee anytime soon, you’ve got nothing to fear, as either spelling is largely accepted!

With all this doughnut talk why not check out these scrumptious looking donut recipes if you fancy being a dab hand in the kitchen and impressing with this tempting treat, take a gander : http://www.brit.co/donut-recipes/