Happy National Fudge Day!

Posted on 16 June 2015

IMG_2523Oh fudge, here comes another National Food Day!

Smothered in chocolate or crammed with cranberries, fudge is a delicacy made for all, with a huge variety of flavour combinations it shouldn’t prove too difficult to find one to fall in love with.

Don’t be a chump, grab a chunk! Come celebrate with us this day of fudge!

Tweet your most savoured fudge combination @studiovenues we love hearing about food.

Everyone remembers those school trips to the sea side, the fresh air complimented by the lovely summer breeze and not to mention the souvenir shops packed to the brim with different types of handcrafted regional fudge … isn’t this making you reminisce and mouth water?

They’re related?!…

You wouldn’t think fudge and fondant icing have anything in common but apparently they do! Fudge is thought of as a drier variation of fondant as is it created through a similar process when sugar is heated to what is known as the soft ball stage.

What a happy accident…

Did you read our blog about National Taffy Day?  If so, taffy’s not the only one that was thought to have come about accidentally. Apparently a botched batch of caramels gave birth to what we know as fudge!