hey there pilgrim…

Posted on 27 November 2014

Today is the fourth Thursday in November which means its Thanksgivings day!

So if you’re at thestudio today why not join us in having a slice of seasonal cake.

What’s this you say? Give thanks today?!

Mainly celebrated in America and Canada, Thanksgivings is a day to do just that, give thanks! This elusively dated celebration can be traced all the way back to 1621, when immigrants from England settled in Massachusetts, New England.

Traditionally commemorated over an abundant harvest for the present and proceeding year, the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians celebrated their bounty in an all mighty three day feast. They most certainly had to undo a buckle or two after that.

Being the big foodies that we are at thestudio, we love to eat and serve up lovely dishes for our guests. Just like the Pilgrims and Native Americas, our menu changes with the seasons to ensure you the best produce. When the blustering cold and miserable wet threatens to ruin your day, hopefully we can get you back on track with our homely heart-warming food. My personal favourites being the quorn chilli, red tractor beef tagine, peanut butter and toffee cheesecake and the show stopping: Autumnal crumble with crushed pistachio.

Three strikes’s a turkey

Since Harry Truman, the 33rd US President, it’s become somewhat of a custom for the president to pardon a turkeys life on thanks giving! This allows at least one feathered soul to live out the rest of its years swanning around freely on farm land without the imminent prospect of being butchered. That’s one lucky bird.