it’s flippin’ pancake day…

Posted on 17 February 2015

StudiopancakesTime to get those frying pans out and start flipping! It’s Pancake Day!

Why not join us @ thestudio for some delicious fresh pancakes!

It might sound like a great excuse to comfort eat the winter blues away but the once Pagan Slavs originally ate pancakes (which represent the sun) to ward off the evil spirits of the winter. If this were true, we’re sure in the hopes of better weather pancakes would become a UK staple!

Now it’s commonly associated with the ritualistic gorge before the feast time of Lent. You won’t get off Scot-free though as Pancake Day is also known as Shrove Tuesday, a day to confess ones sins and unfortunately, gluttony fits under that category… A sin that most of us gladly commit.

As thestudio team never shy away from a challenge, here’s a couple of the teams targets for Lent:

Katie: “I’m giving up cake! 🙁 ”

Adam: “I will gladly give up any type of fast food including packet sandwiches, pizzas, MacDonald’s and KFC!”

Anna: “I’m attempting to give up chocolate, sweets and possibly cake but I’ve not decided if I want to go that far yet!”

tweet us @studiovenues to tell us what your giving up to win an End of Lent gift from the studio #StudioLent

Good luck to everyone partaking!