La Grande Boucle…

Posted on 24 July 2015

Only stopping in its tracks because of the World Wars, La Grande Boucle or as we know it, The Tour de France is an iconic, jam-packed, action filled, world class event in the annual sporting calendar, with teams from all over the world all vying for the highly acclaimed top spot and that yellow jersey.

Well known for putting the strongest athletes to the test, challenging them both mentally and physically, this race is not for the faint hearted. In fact, it is so gruelling that in 1919 only 10 individuals managed to complete the course!

The #TDF2015, running from Saturday July 4th to Sunday July 26th 2015, is the 102nd tour and is made up of 21 stages covering a total distance of 3,360 kilometres: 9 flat stages, 3 hilly stages, 7 mountain stages including 5 summit finishes, 1 individual time trial, 1 team time trial and just 2 rest days – phew!

Follow the leader…

British cyclist Chris Froome seems to be the favourite to win (go Britain!) riding as the general classification contender (going all out for the yellow jersey!) with the ever impressive Team Sky.

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It’s hard enough imagining the triumph of winning once but five time winner Bernard Hinault commented “An amateur should think long and hard before attempting one of these stages. Two would probably necessitate a visit to a doctor, and three would require a psychiatrist – anymore and you should be checking if that person has a written will.”

It seems like only the brave and those who have the will power of an ox could even consider taking on such a challenge! That being said, did you know amidst thestudio team this race and its route inspired our Emma to plan her very own Tour de France in June!

Encompassing 4023km of the France’s finest countryside, the route included Le Harve, Vannes and the very scary Col d’Allos in the Alps, all of which feature in this year’s Tour de France. Highlights of the trip included; the world’s tallest bridge: Millau, refuelling by the roadside with baguettes and cheese, a lovely stay in Benvengudo (yes that flashy food snap was from this hotel!) in the beautiful Provence region and swimming in the sea in St Tropez.

As impressive as all this sounds, though she does own a bike, we should just clarify Emma undertook her own #TDF2015 in a soft top car … not on 2 wheels!

Just passing…

Do you know where the Tour de France gets its wheels in motion? You’d be surprised to learn it isn’t always France! Last year the tour kicked off in… guess where? Leeds of all places! Funnily enough, London, Manchester and Edinburgh have put bids in for Tour de France 2017, so maybe we’ll have the joy of seeing them whiz past thestudiomanchester