new year ambitions

Posted on 13 January 2015

Christmas has come to an end and all the festivities firmly put to rest with the traditional purging of decorations. After every dessert laden and cheese board filled Christmas, it seems common among the masses to rejuvenate during January, working on that all important beach body for the summer. That’s on all of our minds, isn’t it? Most people, and we’re no different, tend to reflect on the previous year and in rose-tinted aspiration of the coming year, look forward to change.

This lead to the thought of this New Year’s resolutions and what thestudio team have set their sights on in 2015. Apparently even the Babylonians, Romans and Knights used take part in this age old practise of a New Year’s pledge! Well, in today’s hustle and bustle ours tend to be less concerned with a divine entity and chivalry, but none the less their promises are much like ours.

Funnily enough, despite holding grand hopes for the future, it seems to be the unfortunate trend that many people don’t achieve their yearly goal. Perhaps they took their rosy glasses off too soon or went on a downward spiral after they opened a pack of Pringles; once they popped they simply couldn’t stop! On a more hopeful note, it’s believed the few who managed to accomplish their goals were spurred on by using social media and updating their trials and efforts, hopefully this post will encourage the team to stick to their January desires.

As for thestudio team, there’s no mistaking that our fire for 2015 won’t be extinguished. Here are some of the teams’ resolutions…

Jodie Wade: Mine is to always have fresh flowers at home.

Adam Roberts: Drink more water….! Failing miserably…

Emma Jennings: Mine is to do a Du-Athlon this year!

Dawn Broughton: Do more, spend less.

Noel Murphy: So far so good I gave up smoking on New Year’s Eve.

Mandy Banga: To spend more time with friends and family.

Laura Nash: I am going to be a better host when I have visitors at the weekends. Ensure breakfast supplies and at least a blow up mattress to sleep on!

Luana Botas: My New Year resolution is to do the 10k Bupa Run this May and if that goes well maybe train for the half marathon in October.

thestudio wishes you and  its team members every success for the New Year.