One Month Into 2014…

Posted on 12 February 2014

It’s been over a month now since New Year and so we’ve had plenty of time to perfect our tactics for succeeding in our new year’s resolutions. That’s if any of us have managed to stick it out this long! The most popular New Year resolutions seem to be eating more healthily, exercising more often and generally looking after our bodies. I suspect it has something to do with all the chocolates, cheese and roast dinners consumed over the Christmas break…

I’ve been questioning the team about how well their resolutions are going. We have a mix of success and epic fails. Here are a few of our resolutions and how well we did…

Nigel – Director “No alcohol on a school night, lasted 3 days… but back on the wagon now for the last 3 weeks!”

Kinga – Receptionist “My new year’s resolution is to use time more efficiently. Not doing too good so far…” I don’t think it’s any coincidence Kinga’s “not doing too good” was told during a fully booked day here at theStudio including our brand new 2 extra floors! Busy busy busy…

Dawn – HR & Revenue Manager “To stop spending so much money on clothes. I’ve stuck to it! Hence a load of ‘Love to Shop’ vouchers left piling up in my purse…”

Luana – Sales Co-Ordinator “I’ve been a vegetarian for over a month now and all is going well. I’m struggling at time with what to cook but I find I’m really enjoying this life style J” – She’s giving me a recipe for a vegan muffin now. On agenda for this weekend: ‘Test baking skills!’

Jodie – Finance Assistant with Noel – Head Chef “Chef and I have taken up running. We have so far been for one ‘light jog’ around the park. Didn’t last long though because someone (ahem) is frightened of dogs. We’ve not given up yet though. One run per month is acceptable right?”

Katie – Event Development “Mine was to learn how to bake/cook… hence angel cake, millionaire shortbread, pie, cookies and banana bread…. so far! I’m still going strong using the cook books given to me as xmas pressies by Mandy, Dawn and Luana!” Katie’s taking ‘Cake Tuesday’ to the next level. Check out the photos below. My personal favourite was the Millionaire Shortbread. Yum!

Mandy – Assistant Sales Manager “One of the ones I made for this year was to get active and healthier. It’s going terribly. Although I have just last week signed up for a 10k run in May so I need to get a move on! Should be interesting as I have only ever run for the bus. Others involve reading more (I’m half way through one), starting driving lessons (had a mini lesson with my sister on the weekend) and booking two holidays (booked Rome in May)!”

As for me, my new year’s resolution was to start eating more healthily… unfortunately it’s not my fault everyone around me kept dragging me out for dinner…. Ok maybe I didn’t need dragging. But hey, I can’t complain to meals out and catch ups with friends and family!

Congratulation to our lovely sales girls Dawn, Luana, Mandy and Katie who are still going! A massive good luck to Mandy on the 10k run… very brave! At least you’ll have the holiday in Rome to look forward to afterwards. Jodie and Noel… Let us know when the next run has happened and we’ll believe you! But for the rest of us… better luck next year eh?


Receptionist/Sales Assistant

Katie’s Cooking…

Angel Cake

Angel Cake

Banana Bread

banana bread



Millionaire Shortbread

millionaires shortbread