Ready, aim, FIRE!

Posted on 05 November 2015

leedsTonight is no ordinary night, with the sun setting early and winter already upon us it seems like a gloomy end to the day is inevitable. But all is not lost, as tonight is magical Bonfire Night and to top it off, it’s also thestudio’s Leeds launch party, so chin up! (Literally or you’ll miss the fireworks).

If you’ve visited us in Leeds before, its winning panoramic views would have undoubtedly made an impression and if you have the pleasure of joining in our celebrations, we offer you delicious food, thirst quenching drinks, fireworks and surprises along the way!

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A long story short…

In 1605, a group of Roman Catholic Terrorists tried to blow up the House of Lords in what is known as the Gunpowder plot. Their aim was to kill King James but their attempts were thwarted and Guy Fawkes, a member of the Gunpowder plot was arrested and executed.

Today, every 5th November, we celebrate his failure by lighting up the skies with beautiful colourful displays. Sometimes people even burn an effigy on the bonfire, symbolising Guy Fawkes execution…Grim.


Did you know that the first fireworks were created around 2000 years ago in China? They were used for the same reasons as we do today, in celebration, but they were also used to frighten off any wandering evil spirits! Very fitting following Halloween!

We love bright and bold displays @ thestudio and joining in the festivities was definitely on our minds, stay tuned for a festive night in Leeds…

Have a fun Bonfire Night studio-goers’, wrap up warm and stay safe!