Ready, Aim, SERVE!

Posted on 03 July 2015

IMG_2816Now that summer has firmly planted its feet on British soil, it’s not hard to guess what yearly event is underway… so grab your shades it’s time for Wimbledon! We’ll be showing matches on our main screens so you won’t miss a thing…

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Younger than the world’s oldest tortoise, Adwaita who lived until he was (speculatively) a whopping 255 years, Wimbledon is a timid 138 years of age… Funnily enough the rules have virtually stayed the same since its conception!

Did you know that over 27 kilos of strawberries will be consumed during the tournament? Hence our inspiration to commemorate Wimbledon with a Strawberries & Cream Cake! Have a break and grab some cake @studiovenues. Cake not your thing? Then why not check out Colmore Business District Food Festival! Running from the 3rd– 4th July, it offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in the summer sun.

What a racket…

Tennis players are well known for their skill, prowess and talent, but they are also really well known for their grunting! Sometimes scrutinised for this rowdy behaviour by press and public alike, surprisingly it’s believed that grunting enhances performance and distracts your opponent.  What a deadly combination.

A close shave…

The sound of lawn mowers and the aroma of freshly cut grass go hand in hand with the arrival of summer. Unlike the conventional garden tender, Wimbledon takes horticultural to the extreme by ensuring the height of its grass is 8 millimetres! Guess it’s time to get those rulers out!

How young?!

Can you believe that the average age for ball boys and girls is 15 years old?! Speaking of teenagers, Charlotte Dod and Martina Hingis both won two titles at Wimbledon, one for being a single/doubles champion and the second for being the youngest to do so!  Those 15 year olds definitely ate their greens.

We hope you love Wimbledon as much as we do… Let’s sit back with a cold glass of Pimms or a comforting brew and enjoy the show. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of playing tennis, click here.