Sleigh bells ring are you listening? In the lane snow is glistening…

Posted on 04 December 2015

studiotreeIs your team experiencing that all too familiar end of year slump? December is a challenging month; with endlessly dark days and the weather never truly being on side, it’s no wonder people find it’s harder to face the daily grind. But all is not lost, Christmas presents, jolly carols and jam-packed stockings full to the brim are just a few things that make December a month long festive laden celebration.

So, that all important question?

How do you keep your team motivated throughout the holiday period? Here are a handful of tweaks that might help give your colleagues a new lease of life!

Cue … Baubles, tinsel and fairy lights

thestudio ethos strongly believes that the environments we work in play a key role in our productivity, creativity and efficiency. Hence why we aim to provide our guests with light bright innovative spaces; great places to get your thinking cap on. Everyone enjoys a change of scenery from time to time so why not spruce up your view with a bit of Christmas cheer!

Jolly Jumpers

Winter has arrived, so it’s no wonder your team might be finding solace in a warm, woolly jumper. Dress down Tuesday may seem like a small victory, but with everyone pulling together to showcase their novelty knits, it’s also a bit of fun.


Xmas is renowned for quaintly adorned parcels, hugged in bows and wrapped up in merriment. With four weeks of anticipation for what surprises lie ahead, break the mould and give a gift early! Team up with your peers and join in the gift giving, even the hardest of hearts can be warmed by the good will gesture of a Secret Santa!

Last but not least…

Nothing shows more solidarity than choosing to dedicate some social time with your team. So, it’s time to let your hair down with a good old fashion Christmas do!  Whether it’s a serene sit down dinner or a roaring party you’re after we’d be happy to help!

Merry Christmas all!