sunshine, lollipops & rainbows…

Posted on 13 February 2015

If you were playing the wheel of fortune, what would be the first things you associate with Valentine’s Day? For us it would definitely be chocolate. And, flowers and heart covered cards, but that’s already three things.

Valentine’s is a tricky day to avoid; whether you’re a cat lady, not so eligible bachelor or a loved up couple who live on cloud 9, masses will either take part in or boycott this marmite of an occasion. Expectedly deserted by singletons and even some couples of the like, this holiday seems to be a prickly character.

From literally having to gift peers with what is referred to as ‘obligatory chocolate’ by the Japanese to bestowing the love of your life with a trendy carved spoon (not a mistake unfortunately, it really is a spoon…) as the Welsh once did, and perhaps still do, one thing’s for sure, declaring your love definitely takes many wonderfully quirky forms around the world.

If you’re not planning to send yourself flowers (yes, some people actually do this), here at thestudio we like to spread the love; so how about celebrating tomorrow by accepting our pre-valentines gesture: an individual chocolate gift per delegate!