It’s finally here, the British summer has decided to make an appearance halfway through the year. Better late than never we say! Before we strut our stuff in shorts and add cocktail umbrellas to all our cold drinks, there is one hurdle to jump

We spend a good portion of our lives dedicated to our careers which usually means business attire! Whilst presentation is everything, being suited and booted often leads us to feeling hot under the collar. Despite retiring your blazer to your chair back, heat can be a problem.

So how would you keep your guests from falling asleep in your events? Read on for our top tips for keeping your team cool and engaged this summer!

1 – Feel that breeze! Let’s be honest, no one wants to be confined to an office space for the whole day. Not much has changed from those long hot schooldays spent peering out the window wishing you were outside. That’s why it’s important to have the best of both worlds. Choose an event venue that offers an outdoor area where guests can stretch their legs and get that all important dose of vitamin D. It’ll make a huge difference to their outlook and concentration.

2 – Avoid stuffy rooms… Open the windows! General ventilation is a blessing in hot weather conditions. Making sure there is a flow of air will have a significant effect on your guests’ comfort. How to make sure the venue offers exactly what you need? Getting a first-hand perspective of what you’ve booked really helps, book in to visit the event space you’ve booked!

3 – Ice cream! Everyone loves surprises, especially ones involving food. Refresh your guests by treating them to ice cream. It’s a great trick that’ll offer some refuge from the heat and a much-needed sugar boost! Rest assured ice cream isn’t the only option, how about: cool fruit kebabs, individual pots of sorbet, smoothies, jugs of iced tea or even hire in a Slushie machine! The possibilities are endless… Check with your events space what they could offer.

4 – Engage your guests… Visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic, keeping different types of learners engaged in the baking heat is a challenge to say the least! Our solution? Try having ice breaker style activities dotted throughout your event. Three short 5 minute activities will help refocus your guests. Using lightly competitive games, quizzes or puzzles alongside your event topic will make the information more memorable. Alternatively, you could book an external company through your venue who offer fun team building exercises!

5 – Hydration breaks… We all respond to heat differently, some of us relish in the inferno whilst others recoil at the thought of being hot. One sure fire way to douse that flame is to incorporate hydration breaks into your event. These little breathers will help the day keep pace and allows each individual to regulate their own body temperature. After-all, water is the elixir of life!

We hope our summer suggestions will help you in your events. Tweet us your cool ideas @studiovenues.

Written by: Jyoti Banga

Here at thestudio, we aim to keep all of our fascinating facts and exciting changes at the forefront for our customers to stay in the loop with us!

We are beginning to install our Good to Know About chalkboards in our refreshment areas in all of our venues across to inform and keep you up to date about our latest fun facts, and all the important work we do behind the scenes every step of the way.

Here are some of our eight must know facts…

1. Around the world in 19 ways…
thestudio team between them speak an incredible 19 different languages! They all travel as far across the world from German, Polish and Yoruba, right up to Farsi, Japanese and Zulu – to name just a few!

2. thestudio and the city…
We have four fantastic and bright and bubbly venues throughout UK in vibrant major cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds, plans are afoot for further expansion … where would you like to see the next studio?

3. Food glorious food…
Did you know that our customers can also join in some of our delicious food taster days and this summer we will be hosting a food innovation day with all of our location chefs, join our studiofamily database to receive your invite. Also good to know that in Birmingham our largest location any food wastage is donated daily to Lets Feed Brum to support with food stations and shelters for those in need.

4. Finding the right BALANCE…
We have our very own not for profit cookbook with all of our favourite recipes called BALANCE. It caters to specialised diets from vegan to gluten free; we even provide nutritional information from energy to protein.

5. Keeping it in the family…
thestudio is an independent and privately owned by a board of four directors who all still work in the business as its continued to expand throughout the UK.

6. Let them eat cake…
For every Foodinate cake added to your event, you can provide a warm and nutritious meal for a person in the local community. Take a look at

7. Coffee for two…
All of our coffee throughout thestudio venues is supplied by Groundhouse Coffee. They not only source their ingredients from co-operatively owned and sustainable plantations, but they also continue to give back to their local communities as a result.

8. It all starts in the Classroom
For every booking that takes places in the Classroom thestudio donate £10.00 to the Wood Street Mission. They are children’s charity helping families living on low incomes in Manchester and Salford. Through their SmartStart initiative, this helps struggling families have access to non-branded school uniforms, coats, shoes, sports kit and stationery throughout the school year.

We’d love for you to stay in thestudio loop with us so give us a follow on Twitter, or tweet @studiovenues for any burning questions about our must-know facts to find out more.

Written by: Leah Mahon

Edited by: Emma Jennings

“It’s all about you! And it’s all about laughter, positivity and fun!” – Body Confidence

Confidence is a thing of beauty, it’s that inner driving force which makes you shine in everything you do. It’s the deciding factor whether we choose to take the bull by its horns or shy away from the opportunity. Being sure of yourself isn’t just about taking things in your graceful stride, it’s all about how you feel. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is key but knowing yourself is most important.

Here @thestudio we appreciate people come in all shapes, sizes and confidence levels! Recently we had the brilliant opportunity to host Body Confidence Live’s inspirational event. A positive gathering all about body confidence, well-being and self-esteem. Dust off a new you by embracing an alternative perspective.

Lindsay Reid from Body Confidence had this to say about the event – “The event was great. We set out to have a positive and fun day and we really seemed to achieve that with amazing feedback about the way we’d helped make people feel which was everything we wanted. Our speakers were amazing, the venue was great, and our audience left feeling positive and uplifted.”

I’ve got the power…
We encourage our team to be confident by allowing them to be themselves and to interact with guests in the way they instinctively feel is right rather than following a script. We think this helps contribute to the family feel we’ve created across our spaces!

We’ve made it to the semi finals! It’s the perfect reason to be singing football’s coming home. With the World Cup in our sights, football fever has truly gripped the nation, including of course thestudioteam who’ve been listening to matches on the radio! We all love a bit of retro.

Did you know our sporting prowess and events co-ordination go hand in hand? Check out our top 3 similarities we noticed whist watching the world cup!

Dream Team…

If you’re an avid sports fan, we’re sure you’ve dreamt up a team made from your favourite players! Managers always substitute players for a change of pace. A brilliant game outcome really does hinge on skill, co-ordination and most importantly a great team effort. Which made us think… The smooth running of any event can become quickly undone without flawless team work! Thankfully, for those on the pitch and in your dedicated events team, collaboration is what we do best, we strive to be a team of players!

Pass, run, score…

Funnily enough, quick thinking and nifty footwork are event management essentials! It takes a lot of flair and experience to effortlessly pirouette through bespoke requests and offer valuable customers just what they’re looking for. Problem solving and seeking opportunity are bread and butter, at times it might seem as impossible as working through France’s defence, but rest assured it’s possible!

Saving the day…

No one likes the nail biting, cut throat nature of penalties. But all is not lost in the hands of a great goalie! Much like having faith in a player’s capabilities, leaving your planning to the experts takes the edge off!

Fingers crossed we make it to the final. Come on England.

Imagine if you could help the local community whilst attending your teams’ yearly round up or weekly meet up. Sound impossible? Not quite! Here at thestudio, we like to bring innovative ideas to the table and make them the centre piece of everything we do. We’ve achieved just that with thestudiomanchester’s alternative, collaborative, self-contained events space: The Classroom.

Every day’s a school day…

How does booking The Classroom help the local community? Let’s fill you in… thestudiomanchester is partnered up with incredible children’s charity: Wood Street Mission. With each get-together The Classroom hosts, a £10 donation goes towards Wood Street Mission’s fantastic work. They believe all children should live a poverty free life, encourage children to value education and offering practical guidance so families can raise themselves out of poverty. Knowing that you’ve helped a budding young mind have confidence in their brilliance and supporting them in having the best start in life will make the unlimited retro snacks even sweeter.

Saved by the bell…

Children are our future engineers, doctors, writers, architects… we believe they all deserve the opportunity to shine bright. With the £10 going directly to Wood Street Mission‘s SmartStart initiative, we’ll be able to support a child in need’s first steps into education by supplying them with essential school clothes and equipment!

From thestudio team, we thank everyone who has helped us improve the lives of many Greater Manchester families through using The Classroom. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Wood Street Mission and of course working with you!

Born from the ingenious imagination of A.A. Milne, today we’ll be celebrating and drawing attention to an unforgettable children’s classic: Winnie the Pooh.

What’s Winnie the Pooh got to do with thestudio?

The question is why would a meetings and events space celebrate such a day? This cheeky chap shares some brilliant wisdoms. Exercising mindfulness whilst indulging in honey, this little bear is nothing short of a role model. With all of his little quirky insights, thestudio can’t help but be drawn in by his whimsical view on life.

It’s no wonder as we’re inspirational quote fanatics! It’s always a pleasure to welcome familiar and new faces through all our doors across the country. If we’ve been fortunate to host one of your events, you’ll have definitely noticed our colourful design features and, of course, our room name inspired quotes!

Pooh Proofs…
A couple fun facts that you might not have known about this honey loving furry mammal:
1. Winnie is based on an actual bear who was bought by a soldier in the First World War who was later rehomed to London Zoo
2. Christopher Robin is based on A.A. Milne’s son
3. Some of Pooh’s friends are based off Christopher’s actual teddy collection and can be found in New York Public Library
4. Hundred Acre Wood is a real place known as Ashdown Forest in East Sussex

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.
A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Quotes on us…
Help us celebrate today by tweeting us @studiovenues your favourite Winnie the Pooh quote, you never know, it might end up in one of our future venues!

With the flurries of new year’s resolutions coming in faster than UK’s snow spells, 2018 will no doubt be full of fantastic opportunities to make your wishes come true. With foresight taking centre stage, we’d like to celebrate your dreams!

I have a dream…

Martin Luther King’s timeless speech undeniably influenced change, he dreamt of a future full of equality and freedom, a future which he pursued to create a reality. Today, take inspiration from people who chase their callings. Aspiring to go after your dreams, no matter how big or small, can be illusive. It’s easy to only see the successful iceberg tip whilst overlooking what lies beneath, this perception is perfectly demonstrated by

Stephen McCraniein’s famous quote:
the master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.

One thing’s for sure, with a bit of elbow grease and perseverance, dreams can come true!

Burning with passion…

Ever notice how hours can fly by when you’re immersed in something you really enjoy? It’s because you’re no longer a serial clock watcher! When we’re bored, we become insanely aware of how slow time passes. Most of our lives are spent at work, time that would be best spent doing something we love. Unsurprisingly a lot of thestudio team had a background or interest in events before getting to join the family, as you could’ve guessed we love what we do!

Grab the bull by its horns…

We encourage risk takers, free thinkers and game changers. It’s why thestudio venues are designed with all the quirks. We want to offer you a fresh environment, laden with the inspiration to get your 2018 goals ticked off. Whilst we look to the year ahead, we wish you the very best of luck in making your dream come true.

Guess what we got up to last Thursday?

If you answered with handing out one of those novelty sized cheques, then call yourself Mystic Meg as you’re 100% right!

Charity Cheque…

thestudio loves to work with and support the local communities in the cities we call home, it gives us that Friday feeling every day of the week.

Have you heard of Wood Street Mission? They’re an amazing children’s charity which helps and supports local families in Manchester & Salford. At their core, they believe all children should live a poverty free life, encouraging them to value education and offering practical guidance so families can raise themselves out of poverty.

If you “teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The fisherman needs the basics before he can start to provide for himself… And that’s what Wood Street Mission supply, the necessities!

If you’ve booked thestudio’s funky, retro space The Classroom, you’ve directly helped to support local Mancunians! For every confirmed event in Classroom, thestudio makes a £10.00 contribution to Wood Street Mission!

Our Commercial Director, Julian Kettleborough, was happy to present Wood Street Mission with £1,210.

We look forward in continuing our work with Wood Street Mission and a huge thank you to our clients, you help make this possible!

thestudio Birmingham conference meetings and events venue roof gardenGuest blog: Kirsty Rafe: Year 10 at King Edwards VI Lichfield.

When I entered thestudio on the first day of my work experience, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I’d arrived early, half nervous, half excited to see what goes on behind the scenes. I’d always thought that a job wasn’t something you could fully enjoy, that it was just something everyone just had to do. Not at thestudio. Although when you take first glance at the doors in, it appears small, instantly you are grabbed by the bright colours and glass doors that allow you to see into the world of thestudio.

When inside the doors, I was shown around the unique building. Although I’d been inside thestudio doors before, my eyes kept being caught by little quirky details I hadn’t seen before. It instantly put a smile on my face as I struggled to find my favourite part. Everything catches your eye; from the rooms that are labelled with motivational words, to the engaging colours scattered about, and the table football on the second floor. Even the early birds that were waiting to go in couldn’t have been bored for a second.

After experiencing it myself, I’m convinced that anyone who walks through those front doors, no matter how nervous or unsure they may be, could be put at ease by the welcoming smile on Pedro’s face at the front desk. Admittedly I didn’t answer any calls on the first day, because I was so interested in seeing how the staff react to different situations on the phone. I was in awe at how naturally they could deal with any situation that was given to them, and could answer anything the customer was enquiring about. Now I was determined to be part of this brilliant team.

On the second day, I was on reception again, up on the second floor with Sharon. With this new determination had to be involved with the calls, I finally built up the confidence to do it. I’d been welcomed so well into thestudio that I began to feel like part of the team. All day I dealt with lost guests trying to find their rooms, and answered any questions asked. I learnt a lot of skills, behind the desk, and customer skills.

Mission control/Sales
This is by-far the busiest job area I’d experienced. I admire the sales team because they handle all the enquiries for the Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, and Glasgow venues. Constant calls and emails came into the office, and were dealt with asap.

I was taken through financial processes in thestudio, and learnt how, instead of pressuring payments from clients, they are flexible with customer payments. I was also taken through all the little clever parts on their website, by Mandy, that the everyday customer might overlook. thestudio website is very useful as it even shows you the route from nearby train stations to the venues. One of the team went out with a camera and filmed the whole route-such a good idea!

Other bits I got involved with
On one of the days I got a little bit involved with the operations team. I’d seen them throughout the week rushing around, and organising things. They cleared away used items from the customers, and provided them with anything they needed. I was impressed how quiet and quick they were at moving things around while people were in their rooms; you wouldn’t even notice they were there. I learnt how to multi task as they were all being asked to do 101 things at once- catering for different rooms and different amounts of clients.

Throughout my week at thestudio I’ve learnt that people can really enjoy their job. Also, that to have the kind of success they have, there is a lot of teamwork, and determination involved. I have really admired the team at thestudio, and hope I can one day be in a successful job like theirs.
I would like to say thank you to everyone at thestudio for welcoming me into their own unique world of business, and giving me a fun week too!

What’s special about today?the studio conference meetings and events venue dessert option

Sundays are the king of lie ins, but why’s this Sunday like no other? Well, it’s a perfect day to talk food as it’s World Hunger Day! Nutrition, inspiration and education take the biscuit when it comes to creating a solution, click here to see how you can compel change.

A helping ladle…

Even though we are in the 21st century, hunger is still a massive issue. Whether you’re thinking international or locally we can all help be part of a solution. thestudio loves the cities it calls home and naturally, we’re always looking for ways to connect with our local community. So, for the past month in Birmingham, we’ve been teaming up with Let’s Feed Brum to help make a difference!

As self-confessed foodies, we appreciate delicious, nutritious, fresh, locally sourced food. We love a
delicious dish, and what better than to share it with others? That’s why at the end of the day, thestudio helps Let’s Feed Brum support the homeless by “providing food, drink, essential supplies and friendship” to those living on our streets. Whether you’re an organisation or an individual with some spare time on their hands, find out how you can support your local brummies here.

Proof is in the pudding…

Everything is easier when you’re a team player! We appreciate the difficulties of today’s modern world but with a bit of elbow grease and shared dreams we can work together to make a better future for everyone. Big things always have small beginnings. 🙂