the studio venues meeting and events Birmingham petsSayings through to films and even being venerated as gods… It’s no wonder we have a whole 24hrs dedicated to these feisty furry creatures: introducing International Cat Day!

Are you a crazy cat lady?

Take thestudio yay or nay test and see how cat crazy you are!
1. Do you talk to your pet cat?
2. Is your perfect evening a night in with your furry friend?
3. When on a walk, would you stop and try to befriend a cat you’ve never met before?
4. Do you think about cats more than 5 times a day?
5. If you saw a cat would you have to point it out to the people you’re with?
6. Have you ever wished you were a cat or live in the hope of being reincarnated as one?
7. Would being around your own kitty (or someone else’s) be the highlight of your day?
8. Ever meowed just for fun even if there’s no cats around?
9. Would you cry from happiness if you were handed a box full of kittens?
10. Have you ever taken your cat out for walks with you on a leash?
1 – 4 yes’s – think you should wait for our #InternationalDogDay blog!?
5 – 6 yes’s – Your heart is cat inclined!
7 – 9 yes’s – You’re just on the cusp of being feline-infatuated
10 yes’s – Coo coo cat crazy!

Cat Competition…

Whether you secretly spend all your free time watching cat videos on YouTube or you proudly relish your love of moggies by tagging your friends in all tabby related posts. Whatever you’re level of kitty cat love, we’re celebrating today by offering a chance to win a studio canvas just for your pet! Here @thestudio we really love our purry pals, we even have a wall dedicated to our studiopets canvas art. Tweet your best pet images to @studiovenues with the #InternationalCatDay #WinYourOwnCatCanvas to be in with a chance with winning your very own master piece. Pet selfies only 

What’s Up Pussycat?
On the surface, your feline companion may only seem good for lounging around. Apart from sleeping most of their days away, did you know these fuzz balls are great stress relievers? Even science says some quality time with your furry friend can boost those feel good hormones! So after a hard day in the office how about a petting session with your four legged buddy? Now where did that string go…

From all the team at thestudio, we wish you a brilliant International Cat Day!