IMG_4968Britain is accustomed to the odd watery spell or downpour that seemingly last for months on end, blending every season into an indistinguishable monsoon. Unlike anything we’ve ever experienced, the media has been rife with warnings that we, Great Britain, were going to experience our first hurricane!

Battering its way through America and dominating over beautiful Bermuda, Hurricane Joaquin bellowed its way towards Britain. But before you grab your wellies and begin boarding up your house (the most efficient way across the pond to saving you windows; and selves), Joaquin made a ‘turn for the best’ and has decided against visiting the Isles.

Though we expect and anticipate the UK’s notorious wet weather, more often than we’d like to admit, we do get caught out! Forgotten your brollie? Not to worry, as a guest @ thestudio, we endeavour to keep your head high and dry with our complimentary umbrellas! Ensuring your spirits aren’t dampened.