If you’re thinking about what you can do to get together this summer make sure you think of thestudio…

We’ve got some great Safe and Seamless options available for you to get your team together, face to face for some valuable rebuilding time.

Sizzle in the Summer heat with our popular BBQ package, available at all of our locations with outdoor space – read about our BBQ package here.

Get together to rebuild, reengage and revitalise your team with our team building packages available across all of our locations.

Don’t forget your meeting room! We’ve got plenty of space to get together before your BBQ, for your team building briefing or just a straight up face to face meeting. Look no further, you can find out about all of our meetings space here.

What’s more, some of our most popular meeting rooms are now available to book online so meeting at thestudio… has never been easier! Just choose your room, add on your extras, pay and done. To find out about online meeting room bookings click here.

Got something else in mind? We love a challenge! Tell us what your looking for and, working with our partners, we will come back to you! Contact us here.

Whatever your plans for this summer talk to us today!

Ever notice how people who are admired, radiate a positive and friendly aura? Whether you’re looking to secure agreements, network or become someone’s go to person, body language has a meaningful impact on the connections we attempt to create. We are frequently told “actions speak louder than words”, so join us as we delve into the world of body language!

What is this body language you speak of?

Body language in a nutshell is how we consciously and unconsciously hold ourselves. It’s a form of nonverbal communication which gives clues into our frame of mind or attitude. From posture to a welcoming handshake, every gesture we make is subconsciously noted in the minds of our audiences. It has the power to convey how we really feel, without even saying a word! “Research says that our communication consists of 35% verbal communication and 65% non-verbal communication.

Positivity is infectious!

First time presenting or have an important client catch up? A positive body language can help captivate, influence and draw in your audience/guests to the pivotal message of your meeting. We’ve done some digging and here are a few ways you’ll give off the best impression:

1. Chillin’ is winning – having a relaxed posture, breathing and open arms/palms are all signs of a calm demeanour. Making you seem approachable, friendly and pleasant.

2. It’s all in the eyes – eye contact is important; it shows that you are confident and comfortable in a given situation/environment. It’s said that eye contact when teaching improves learning, attention and makes the audience feel more engaged. It even expresses interest…just remember not to stare!

3. Nodding helps to emphasise key points and makes them more memorable.

4. Show off your pearly whites – smiling and using humour encourages people to feel more at ease and makes it easier to develop a warm personal relationship.

Everything in moderation…

Positive body language should be used sparingly, it’s a fine line as consistent exaggerated gestures can come off more negative than positive!

After thought…

Body language can be consciously applied to any given situation, so we hope that you’ve found this insightful. Why not give it a whirl and try out our positive body language tips!

Written by: Jyoti Banga

It’s finally here, the British summer has decided to make an appearance halfway through the year. Better late than never we say! Before we strut our stuff in shorts and add cocktail umbrellas to all our cold drinks, there is one hurdle to jump

We spend a good portion of our lives dedicated to our careers which usually means business attire! Whilst presentation is everything, being suited and booted often leads us to feeling hot under the collar. Despite retiring your blazer to your chair back, heat can be a problem.

So how would you keep your guests from falling asleep in your events? Read on for our top tips for keeping your team cool and engaged this summer!

1 – Feel that breeze! Let’s be honest, no one wants to be confined to an office space for the whole day. Not much has changed from those long hot schooldays spent peering out the window wishing you were outside. That’s why it’s important to have the best of both worlds. Choose an event venue that offers an outdoor area where guests can stretch their legs and get that all important dose of vitamin D. It’ll make a huge difference to their outlook and concentration.

2 – Avoid stuffy rooms… Open the windows! General ventilation is a blessing in hot weather conditions. Making sure there is a flow of air will have a significant effect on your guests’ comfort. How to make sure the venue offers exactly what you need? Getting a first-hand perspective of what you’ve booked really helps, book in to visit the event space you’ve booked!

3 – Ice cream! Everyone loves surprises, especially ones involving food. Refresh your guests by treating them to ice cream. It’s a great trick that’ll offer some refuge from the heat and a much-needed sugar boost! Rest assured ice cream isn’t the only option, how about: cool fruit kebabs, individual pots of sorbet, smoothies, jugs of iced tea or even hire in a Slushie machine! The possibilities are endless… Check with your events space what they could offer.

4 – Engage your guests… Visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic, keeping different types of learners engaged in the baking heat is a challenge to say the least! Our solution? Try having ice breaker style activities dotted throughout your event. Three short 5 minute activities will help refocus your guests. Using lightly competitive games, quizzes or puzzles alongside your event topic will make the information more memorable. Alternatively, you could book an external company through your venue who offer fun team building exercises!

5 – Hydration breaks… We all respond to heat differently, some of us relish in the inferno whilst others recoil at the thought of being hot. One sure fire way to douse that flame is to incorporate hydration breaks into your event. These little breathers will help the day keep pace and allows each individual to regulate their own body temperature. After-all, water is the elixir of life!

We hope our summer suggestions will help you in your events. Tweet us your cool ideas @studiovenues.

Written by: Jyoti Banga

To “give up” – cease making an effort; admit defeat.

Those who have stepped into any one of our four venues or met any of our team will know that “giving up” is not a phrase we like to take lightly here at thestudio. We make every effort to not view any task as too big, just a new challenge to embrace… However, at this time of year giving up is given a whole new meaning, with some doing it for different reasons to others…

Lent is a 40-day period taking place around Easter, starting this year from the 6th March and ending on the 18th April. This is a Christian celebration, followers will fast from food and festivities to recreate the sacrifice of Jesus and time in the dessert.

Only a small amount of people now fast for the whole 40 days, instead some choose a favourite snack or bad habit to refrain from during this time. We all like to test our will power from time to time!

Indulge yourself…
Returning visitors will know we don’t like to hold back in feeding up our guests with a sweet treat here and there. We have even more opportunity to do just that recently, as today we have put out our pancake stations with the pick of your favourite toppings.

Our Spring treats also kick off to a flying start this week including a choice of Victoria sponge cakes, chocolate mini eggs and delicious hot toasted hot cross buns…

We have also made sure to include some little less indulgent treats; our bircher our pots and freshly sliced fruit platters.

I’d give up cake, but I’m no quitter …
Its been fascinating to find out what some of our team are going to try to “give up” for the next 40 days …

• Our Sales Director Oli wants to give up beer (and as he says now it’s written in black and white there’s no going back!)
• Our Sales & Revenue Manager Mandy is vowing to give up bread, saying she would happily eat it with every meal! However, she is going on holiday in the middle so may have a cheeky cheat day now and then…
• One of our Co-founders Emma, said she is going to give up Kale, she likes it a lot, but thinks she should be able to live without it until Easter Sunday !!

Let there be light…
Whether you choose to take part in Lent or not, in Old English the word means ‘lengthen’ reminding us that this time of year also means longer days. Hallelujah!

Written by: Rachel Robinson

Edited by: Emma Jennings

Have you overcome your fear of old photos? Well, now’s the time! Most of us cringe at the thought of sharing selfies from what seems like a happily forgotten past of wardrobe horrors, yet today, we’re relishing in the #10yearchallenge. Instead of burning unforgivable pics, we’re given the opportunity to be proud of who we were and present the world with who we are. Change is something to be celebrated and with that in mind, we just had to get in on the fun… Here’s thestudio’s #10yearchallenge!

Who would’ve thought it…?

Let’s set the scene, in 2009 thestudio would have only been three! In our modest beginnings, thestudio consisted of one venue: Birmingham. Our humble headquarters, fondly referred to Mission Control could welcome you to just 10 meeting spaces… At this moment in time, our sights were firmly set on Manchester and establishing a second homeWhere were you in 2009?

Fast forward to 2019…

A lot has happened since 2009, some of which as a fellow studio goer you might already know! Count how many studio facts you knew and wow us by tweeting the number @studiovenues

What’s the plan Stan? 2019 – 10 years on…

The New Year brings with it a call of reinvention, a time to applaud past achievements and another chance to dream big!

As always we ask you to stick with us and watch this space because this is going to be an exciting year! p.s we hope you enjoyed our #10yearchallenge!

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” Phyllis Diller

Say Cheese…

Smiles are a wonderful thing, they’re a lovely sign to ourselves and others that we’re feelin’ fine. We think everyone looks their best when they show off their pearly whites, you could even say they offer an instant makeover!

Tweet @studiovenues what makes you grin

What makes thestudio smile?


It might sound cheesy, but we just can’t help it! We’re self-proclaimed feedback fanatics as without the good, the bad and the ugly, we wouldn’t know how to put a smile on your face.

There is another reason why we’re grinning from ear to ear… recently thestudioglasgow was chosen to host Children in Scotland’s young person’s question & answer session with Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon!

This charity event was aired on Scotland Tonight and can be caught on youtube! (Just click here if you’re curious ‘Scotland Tonight FMQT:Next Generation‘.)

Event Organiser Erin Butler from Children in Scotland shared some lovely words about her experience with us –
The young people on the design team for FMQT Next Generation were keen to find a venue that was relaxed, fun and flexible and The Studio ticked all of those boxes. We knew from experience that the staff are always so accommodating and true to form, nothing ever felt like too much trouble even when responding to the demands of the three different organisations involved with this project. I can’t speak highly enough of both the sales team in Birmingham and the operations team in Glasgow. I literally couldn’t fault them and we can’t wait to come back!

So we’re celebrating world smile day with positive thoughts! P.S a cheeky grin is contagious, so the next time you see some give them your best as you never know… it could travel the world!

Scouting the perfect location for a team get together is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

Why not tie that team gathering this summer into … “Celebrating Yorkshire”? We’ll let you in on 3 reasons why getting out of the office and spending time with your team in this beautiful shire will be great for mind, body and soul.

Writers block…

Thoughtful spaces inspire fresh thoughts, unique ideas and encourage new perspectives… The best way to reap the benefits of a new mind set is to change your view! And what a better place to do this than good ol’ Yorkshire? Displaying the most beautiful British scenery, the two national parks: Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors are the perfect places to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Being surrounded by nature soothes the motorway of speeding thoughts we experience and help us to hone in on our problem-solving skills. Remember… you’re a human being, not a human doing!

Value for money …

Feeling like you’ve got the most out of your buck can be extremely satisfying. A guiltfree splurge is just what the doctor ordered, especially if it’s for the benefit of your team! Getting good value and being mindful of the best way to spend your pennies is on everyone’s mind … Leeds is a hot destination for everything you could want from a city in a neat little package. From great night life to stunning views, its also home to thestudio’s 3rd venue where we are offering some fantastic summer team away day packages including BBQ’s on our roof terrace, the perfect spot to take in those amazing Leeds views.

Stick the kettle on…

We British love our tea. Whether its black, herbal or a builder’s brew, everyone has that little extra room for an afternoon treat. And what better way to enjoy it than have a Yorkshire’s finest! Yorkshire Tea is one of England’s proudest blends but when it comes to food and drink, the north has it all! Who doesn’t love Yorkshire puddings, Jelly Tots, Wensleydale Cheese and Henderson’s relish?

Offering a break from reality, inexpensive meeting spaces and a whole host of delectables, Yorkshire delivers in abundance. We hope to see you there soon!

We’ve made it to the semi finals! It’s the perfect reason to be singing football’s coming home. With the World Cup in our sights, football fever has truly gripped the nation, including of course thestudioteam who’ve been listening to matches on the radio! We all love a bit of retro.

Did you know our sporting prowess and events co-ordination go hand in hand? Check out our top 3 similarities we noticed whist watching the world cup!

Dream Team…

If you’re an avid sports fan, we’re sure you’ve dreamt up a team made from your favourite players! Managers always substitute players for a change of pace. A brilliant game outcome really does hinge on skill, co-ordination and most importantly a great team effort. Which made us think… The smooth running of any event can become quickly undone without flawless team work! Thankfully, for those on the pitch and in your dedicated events team, collaboration is what we do best, we strive to be a team of players!

Pass, run, score…

Funnily enough, quick thinking and nifty footwork are event management essentials! It takes a lot of flair and experience to effortlessly pirouette through bespoke requests and offer valuable customers just what they’re looking for. Problem solving and seeking opportunity are bread and butter, at times it might seem as impossible as working through France’s defence, but rest assured it’s possible!

Saving the day…

No one likes the nail biting, cut throat nature of penalties. But all is not lost in the hands of a great goalie! Much like having faith in a player’s capabilities, leaving your planning to the experts takes the edge off!

Fingers crossed we make it to the final. Come on England.

Famous for their love of maple syrup, bacon and delicious cheesy chips with gravy combination (poutine), this northern gem is definitely a bucket list favourite. One that has been ticked off by a few of our team! In celebration of National Canada Day, our Jyoti and Jodie have shared their experiences from across the pond. And who knows… maybe we’ll have a studiocanada one day!

Jyoti – Marketing Assistant

Canada’s majestic natural beauty is truly remarkable. Ribbons of rainbows strewn over a back drop of rugged, glittering ice capped mountains, decorated with luscious ever green trees… Welcome to Canada. Everywhere you look, your eyes will be greeted by picturesque landscapes worthy of any postcard. It must be seen to be believed! Other than the amazing views, Canadians really do live up to their super friendly nature. I’d recommend anyone who loves wildlife and being surrounded by uninterrupted nature to go. If Canada is on your to visit list but are stuck for ideas, check out what I got up to…

Here’s my top 10 of things to do/see in Canada 😊
1. Road trip it!
2. Capilano bridge – scared of heights? Don’t look down!
3. Niagara Falls – get up close and personal on a boat (umbrellas needed)
4. Glacier walk – slip those crampons on!
5. Orca Whales – they’re bigger than you imagine…
6. Banff – just stunning
7. Montreal’s Notre Dame
8. Sky walk in Jasper – maybe not for the faint hearted
9. Hang out in Vancouver
10. Bear watching – which I’m so sad I didn’t do!

Safe travels!

Jodie – Financial Manager

Should you ever be lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Canada grab it with both hands, pack a bag and go! I flew into Vancouver and from there visited the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Abbotsford, Hope, Lake Louise and Banff. A packed schedule in a week but enjoyable from start to finish.

The highlight of the trip was without a doubt Lake Louise and Banff. It was freezing cold, there was snow on the ground and the lake was frozen over. This provided a spectacular view from the Fairmont Chateau Hotel which overlooks the lake. All with a back drop of snow-capped mountains. Then Banff, it feels like walking through a film set! Again, all with a back drop of the Rocky Mountains. You could never tire of such a view. The scenery is almost unreal.

I didn’t see a bear but I’m certain I would have been in close proximity to one at some point!
The only downside to this trip was that it wasn’t longer. I hope I get the chance to visit Canada again…

As you can tell our studio family loves new adventures! With each new experience we create timeless memories, become wiser and inspire ourselves with fresh ideas. That’s why, especially in today’s busy world, it’s important to pry yourself from the keyboard and live. Perhaps see you one day… #studiocanada

We’ve all experienced it. Gone to a disappointing BBQ where there were no welcome drinks, blackened burgers easily mistaken for coal and baps soggier than the British weather…

Thankfully we’re here to make sure, come rain or shine, that your BBQ’s are the best on the block! Be warned, intoxicated passers-by might want an invite!

Rock your grill with our top 5 sure-fire ways to organise and host the best BBQ ever…

1. Imagine being welcomed into a party where there was a fancy drinks station covering options from water to punch and another table filled with mouth-watering dips, crisps, crackers and only the best crudities… sounds dreamy. Having a drinks and nibbles station is the way to go in making a great first impression. Plus, it helps ease the pressure off having to slave away on the barbie straight away.

2. Sleep on it! Create out of this world flavours by marinating your fan favourite meats and veggies then leaving them to soak in the night before = winner.(As long as you don’t burn them of course!). Tease and tantalise your guests taste buds with adventurous spice blends. We’ve got a few in our cookbook, have you had a thumb through yet?

3. Finishing touches… compliment fiery, sweet and smoky barbecue flavours with sensationally seasoned salads and side dishes. These can be prepared in advance and assembled at the last minute to give you the ultimate title of being The Host with the Most!

4. Have the element of surprise by wowing your guests with sweet treats. Ever tried flame grilled pineapple kebabs? Delicious! How about a hot banana Sunday? The possibilities are endless…

5. Mood maker… set the feel of your event and say no to awkward silences by playing fun background music, it’s a brilliant ice breaker. Remember atmosphere is everything!

Bonus tip from our Grill Master Richard Holden:

“Use the lid and master the art of grilling vs. roasting on your barbecue. Closing the lid will surround your food with heat and cook it quicker than on an open grill. Start foods over the heat to achieve those gorgeous caramelisation marks before moving to an area of roasting heat to cook through thoroughly. I always use a digital thermometer to check my food is safely cooked before serving to guests and my golden rule is “75 – Stayin’ Alive!” The core of your food should be 75c in order that it’s safe to eat.”

Now you’re on the road to becoming a barbecue master! Interested in having an expert Richard Holden show you a thing or two? Feel free to ask our team or click here…

Happy hosting from thestudio, you’ll most likely catch us basking on our roof terraces!