welcomeThis may seem like an odd question at first, however from a young age we are taught everyone is different and rightly so; no two sides of the coin are the same.

Without getting too philosophical, we are sure we can all agree that we are the sum of our parts. We are made up of an amalgamation of decisions, choices, likes and dislikes. There are so many contributing factors that have managed to craft us, that it’s almost impossible to list every experience that has taken effect, no matter how big or small!

One of a kind…

As a being we scream out originality from the moment we enter the world. The question is – do we retain this individuality when it comes to the workplace? Or do we just become a “Mr. Smith clone” ready for another 9-5?

One way to combat this dreaded pitfall is to simply do what you love or join an organisation that recognises and wants you for who you are. A happy workforce is generally a productive one, so watch out for those tell-tale signs within your team which suggest they may feel like “jumping the ship” and learn to recognise your own feelings of discontent.

It’s all the same…

When this individuality comes to businesses it is easy to be lumped into the same category. That’s why we at studio venues strive to be distinctive. What highlights us from the crowd and makes sure that we aren’t a “regurgitated and samey” meeting and event space is our big personality, and this we pull from our spaces and most importantly our team.  They have something we like to call “The Studio Weovil”, instantly recognisable in the studio characters in our venues! (more…)