The Big Giveaway

Posted on 27 November 2017

Guess what we got up to last Thursday?

If you answered with handing out one of those novelty sized cheques, then call yourself Mystic Meg as you’re 100% right!

Charity Cheque…

thestudio loves to work with and support the local communities in the cities we call home, it gives us that Friday feeling every day of the week.

Have you heard of Wood Street Mission? They’re an amazing children’s charity which helps and supports local families in Manchester & Salford. At their core, they believe all children should live a poverty free life, encouraging them to value education and offering practical guidance so families can raise themselves out of poverty.

If you “teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The fisherman needs the basics before he can start to provide for himself… And that’s what Wood Street Mission supply, the necessities!

If you’ve booked thestudio’s funky, retro space The Classroom, you’ve directly helped to support local Mancunians! For every confirmed event in Classroom, thestudio makes a £10.00 contribution to Wood Street Mission!

Our Commercial Director, Julian Kettleborough, was happy to present Wood Street Mission with £1,210.

We look forward in continuing our work with Wood Street Mission and a huge thank you to our clients, you help make this possible!