the root of our values…

Posted on 17 May 2013

A few weeks ago we received our first negative comment on a social media channel. That was quite a shock and we were genuinely gutted about the situation. We responded promptly and everything was handled bearing in mind our Customer First mission statement.

This incident reminded us just how organic relationships are. Not only the one with customers but also with employees. Everyone in the company was interested about this issue, trying to help sort out the confusion, with e-mails being sent back and forth and transparent discussions with the client via Twitter. We realised how important it is to share the same values in times of need.

Cowley Manor 2007

The studio team

Much like a tree a business needs to have roots. Those roots are found in the values that it nurtures. With care and attention thestudio has developed the roots that have allowed its growth both in number of customers as in numbers of venues. In 2007 on our first team away day at Cowley Manor in Gloucestershire the team created the studio core values.

It’s been now 7 years and Customer First is still at the heart of everything we do every day! We share the same set of values with our customers and that’s what made possible our growth and development of the business.

To celebrate and remind ourselves to stay faithful to what we believe in as a business we’ve decided to come up with a more organic representation of our core values. Thus the thestudio core values tree was born. From a small seedling 7 years ago we’ve grown into a fully fledged tree with the future in mind.

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