and so it begins…

Posted on 19 March 2011

So it begins……actually beginnings are quite important so we don’t want this to be a rubbish one. Given a choice we would have trumpets and elephants and two dozen dancers synchronising over a mirrored lake with a sea lion balancing a large rubber ball whilst playing the mandolin. Unfortunately though it’s not that kind of grand beginning. But never the less begin we must so a big welcome to you all as the studio enters the blogosphere.

There are a few things that should be said as we start. We are as I am sure those who know us realise, extremely proud, passionate and ever so slightly bonkers about our conference and training venue business, and for those of us who remember Davina McCall on Big Brother, by “bonkers” we mean “proper bonkers”. But we do seriously love it. The idea behind our blog is to give an occasional taste of what is on our agenda and what the flavour of Studio is at any particular time. Today’s flavour would for instant be something very soft and baby pink after our Conference Sales Manager Dawn announced she was….and I quote “up the duff” last week! Many congratulations to her and Trevor. This will be our 6th Studio baby in the 4 1/2 years we have been trading. It could be something in the water although knowing us it is more likely to be something in the wine. Anyway we are all really chuffed for Dawn and there is much excited chatter behind the daily chaos in our Birmingham base and Mission Control.

Speaking of chatter should really lead us onto twitter, we have entered a whole new world following on from a seminar Emma attended last week hosted by an internet psychologist…blimey!! We have of course had a bit of a twitter thing going on for a while but it has suddenly exploded into a whole new world. We like to keep up to date! So please look us up on twitter and for those of you with the correct phones feel free to tweet away when on site in our venue in Birmingham or our venue in Manchester – if your event is using hashtags, let us @studiovenues know so we can follow and join in! The impact already has been quite amazing and we get a real feeling of the building as a living breathing hub, which is fabulous and as it should be.

Tomorrow we are at the Birmingham Best Business Awards, so another airing for the non jean trousers. Two years ago we won…hurray! Now though we are entered into the top category for all previous winners, the best of the best. We are not expecting anything but it’s nice to be involved and we will at least have a good natter with our fellow attendees. I’m sure you will hear how we get on soon enough.

Meanwhile up in Manchester the venue is buzzing. Our first anniversary approaches. It is amazing that a year has passed already. The conference scene in Manchester has proved to be a thriving place to host our second venture. The team are preparing for their first seven day trading week which is approaching fast and looking at the way the bookings are going it may be that Manchester soon becomes a seven day a week operation. Well done team Manchester!

Ok so that’s it for now. A warm hello and hug to all of you out there who know us, all our friends and customers where ever you are.

Hope to see you again soon