thestudio’s New Look

Posted on 16 June 2016

the studio conferencing meetings and events venue website home pageYou’re right, we’ve had facelift! We’d like to welcome you to our new and improved page, don’t worry there’s no major changes, just the same great team topped off with an even better website. It’s even responsive, meaning it will work on mobile devices! Super handy for your where’s Wally moments.

So firstly, I’ll introduce myself…  Hi, I’m Jyoti and you may remember me from such films as… Only joking!  I’m no Troy McClure (looking to you Simpsons fans) but if you’ve paid a visit to our Birmingham venue, you’ll most likely have been greeted by me! Usually serving an enthusiastic good morning and a more wilted good bye, I work as an Assistant Digital Copy Writer and Receptionist.

As exciting as my position is, I had the privilege of helping to develop the new site. That’s one of the great things about being part of thestudio family, you’re always encouraged to develop your skills and there’s always opportunity for growth. Being a self-professed geek I relished at the chance to upgrade my computing skills, who wouldn’t? Plus, it was too great a project to let pass by. My main priorities are content management, changing imagery and fault reporting.

Sixth Story (the external company who held my hand throughout the process) did a great job of being on call when it came to strange script errors and misplaced hyperlink buttons but we got there in the end. I really enjoyed this experience though it was frustrating when computer says no…

There’s a first time and a last time for everything, but hopefully this won’t be the last of my website days! If there’s anything you notice that’s “out of whack”,  just something you feel would make our site even more user friendly or you’d just fancy sharing your opinion please DM us on Twitter, Facebook or Contact us.
Looking forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy our new site!