thestudio’s summer check list

Posted on 12 August 2016

Suffering from summer time sadness and wishing you too were on holidays? The weather might not be great but here’s a few things we think could brighten up your day, especially if you’re paying us a visit!

Don’t forget the sun tan lotion…

Being the number one topic of all our gripes and groans, the British weather is renowned for its ups and downs. This being said, when the sun decides to have his hat on, it’s important for us to make the most it! There’s nothing better than soaking in the sun and what a better place to do it on than our roof garden in Birmingham or terraces in Manchester and Leeds!

A toast to summer…

Is there any better way to celebrate the summer than with a tempting glass of prosecco or a soothingly cool luxury ice cream? Being firm believers of treating yourself, especially when it comes to food, our summer offer is one not to miss and available across all our venues. Check out our latest offers if you’d love an all-inclusive rate!

Where art thou Pikachu

Pokemon Go has literally taken society by storm, all generations have come together to pursue childhood dreams of becoming a Pokemaster! Or they’re just curious… But for those who have a new found addiction to pokeballs, did you know thestudiobirmingham is sat right next to a plaque dedicated to William Shakespeare which doubles up as a Pokestop! Now you can top up both your coffee and stash of revives on your break. Happy days.

Share and share alike…

It isn’t a wee rumour, we’re opening up in Glasgow this September! At the moment, thestudioglasgow is still a blank canvas, so we’re looking to add some final touches for a bit more pizazz… We’d love some iconic Scottish imagery to adorn our venue and we think you’re just the right person to make a suggestion! Hit us up with some inspiration, contact with us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, from kilts to Loch Ness, we can’t wait to hear your ideas 🙂

Stretch those legs…

Sitting in the heart of the city centre, thestudiobirmingham is surrounded by heaps of choice when it comes to Shops, restaurants and bars. But something even more exciting has come to the second city’s streets: Britain from the Air. Supported by Retail BID Birmingham these beautiful images of Britain are scattered around the town centre like little gems. The photographs will be on display until 31st August, so serve as a perfect excuse to go on that stomach settling lunch time stroll.

We hope you enjoyed this little read, until next time studio goers!