thestudio’s Top 5 website must haves, tips and tricks

Posted on 24 June 2016

Yes, we are still harping about our new aesthetically pleasing and easy to use website. Technology is everywhere and has firmly planted its presence in our hearts and more importantly our pockets. So join the new age revolution, dust off those keyboards and let’s get creative!

1. Responsive. Don’t be scared off by techy lingo, a cheeky Google search will help you understand the jazziest of technical terms. The best way to think of it is “content is like water”, your webpage will respond to the shape (the device accessing your site) and fit it accordingly. Goodbye to awkward scrolling or trying to zoom into miniature text, your site becomes fluid, just like water.

2. Are you an internet explorer? As the home of all websites, we access the internet through various web browsers; did you know they can be a crucial part of how fast everything runs?  So when things start lagging beyond belief, maybe switch it up and see what happens. Apparently Fire Foxes don’t bite. We know for some this maybe stating the painfully obvious, but spare a thought for those who aren’t computer savvy!

3. Images. Humanity loves images. They are quick and easy to process, much better than reams and reams of content. In today’s society people are busy, they’d rather just be quickly shown what they are getting then convinced it’s the right decision after. One size doesn’t fit all so think carefully about how your photoshoots are shot; square images don’t make great banners!

4. Clarity. You’ve spent a lot of your time carefully selecting specific words to represent you and your company, make sure it can be read! Fancy fonts may look nice but remember to think about your audience, who it’s going to appeal to and most of all who is likely to use your site. As mentioned earlier, people are busy and if they can’t find the information they want relatively quickly it’s most likely they’ll head somewhere else and we wouldn’t want that!

5. Above all else this is possibly the most important piece of advice: Take your time but stick to deadlines! No one has ever rushed greatness, but greatness isn’t achieved via procrastination (which unfortunately preys on us all).

We hope these little tips serve you well. We live and we learn and it’s fair to say thestudio has definitely learnt! We hope you’ve gained some insights in the world of the web through our experience. Until next time…