Vegan Festival 2017

Posted on 20 April 2017

Why’s thestudio undoing their belt buckle?

If you were to answer: “one too many Easter eggs”, you wouldn’t be completely wrong… This indulgent bank holiday accompanied with tons of guilt free chocolate, had something even more to offer, a culinary adventure. Introducing the biggest, baddest, fullest vegan festival around!

If you managed to venture out last weekend, Viva Vegan put on a show stopper of an event. Filling three venues in Birmingham City centre, including ourselves, the festival showcased the vegan way of life. Everything from products, live cooking demonstrations, talks and most importantly a huge variety of tantalising foods. Serving up vegan Indian, Mexican and Italian dishes!

No vegan diet… No vegan powers!

If your only exposure to veganism has been though the film Scott Pilgrim vs the world, you might think vegans: a. have super human powers b. they “partake not in the meat, nor the breastmilk, nor the ovum, of any creature with a face” and c. they attend vegan academy. Safe to say only one of these are true! Veganism in a nutshell is a lifestyle choice where individuals don’t eat or use animal products. Sound difficult? Viva Vegan managed to enlighten the masses that with a few small changes, being vegan is a piece of cake! And yes vegan cakes are delicious, chocolate being our favourite.

At thestudio we love the idea of a communal society, that’s why our non-meat lunch buffet options are all wheat, gluten and dairy free! Lunch is better when we all sit together. Check out what our day package includes

Feel like you’ve missed out? Luckily Viva Vegan are touring the country! Click here for more dates and info.

Fuel your curiosity studiogoers 🙂