video conferencing at thestudio…

Posted on 26 March 2011

We are proud at the studio to be used as a demo site for Logitech’s fantastic Lifesize videoconference kit. This means that not only do Logitech introduce their potential clients to our venues but also we have access to the latest and best high-definition hardware which we can also offer to our customers for their conferencing.

Normally when not in use we link up our two sites in Birmingham and Manchester with a video link in the breakout areas – this has on a few occasions provided some great comedy gold moments. Mentioning no names, one company in Manchester decided they wanted to play Wii Tennis rather than talk to anyone in Birmingham – which of course is fine but they failed to disconnect the video call. This meant that everyone in our relax area in Birmingham had a face on close up private viewing of two of our delegates in Manchester running around like Boris Becker and John McEnroe – completely oblivious they had a captive audience in a room 100 miles away.

We also had one occasion where the same company were in Birmingham and Manchester and two delegates recognised each other and decided they would meet up. The Birmingham side asked the Manchester side where they were to which they replied they were on the third floor – the Birmingham side then proceeded to go to the third floor to find them. Having no success the Manchester delegates responded they would come and find them on the second floor. It wasn’t until a few laps around both venues that they realised they were in separate cities!

We’re sure there have been many more.