World Oceans Day

Posted on 08 June 2018

Dive into a truly alien world where luminous creatures glow in the dark and where giants slumber… We’re not talking about the latest sci – fi to hit the silver screen; welcome to our oceans.

Deep Blue
Today we want to hone in on our oceans being much more than just a body of water: they’re home to all marine life, complex currents which affect the climate and not to mention their inspirational sheer beauty.

If thestudio has had the pleasure of welcoming you, there’s no doubt you’ll have noticed our love of quotes! Here’s one of our ocean themed favourites (tweet us @studiovenues if you know which room/venue it can be found):

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Andre Gide

Gentle giant…

A little bit of trivia to impress your guests… the great Pacific is our largest ocean and has a Latin name which means “peaceful sea”!


Did you know our oceans help to produce oxygen? It’s True! Little, tiny plants called Phytoplankton are thought to contribute a mind blowing 50-85% of the air we breathe!

Covering over 70% of the Earth’s surface and making up to 78% of our own bodies, water’s importance in creating and sustaining life is undeniable. Apart from being a vital component to life in general, we wouldn’t be able to have half as much fun without our seemingly infinite amount of H2o… Imagine a life time without water parks, balloons and fights! Or never getting to watch the sun dip below the blue horizon. Pretty dull right?

Plastic pollution…
There’s no time to beat around the bush, though we love our oceans, the plastic we produce and dispose of is having a detrimental effect on our irreplaceable oceans. But all is not lost, if we change to create a better future. For this reason, thestudio is dedicated to reducing the amount of plastic used within our venues. In the 21st century we’re blessed with a multitude of options! Let’s raise a glass and celebrate World Oceans Day… paper straw anyone?