Try before you buy…

Posted on Mon-12-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Here at the studio we believe in building a strong long term relationship with our customers. We like the idea of “try before you buy” and are confident and proud of our venue and customer service, we feel this offer assures that our future business has complete confidence in regularly booking here at the

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Posted on Wed-07-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Ever heard of Pitchfest? No, not Pitch Perfect, Pitchfest! This is a collaborative event spear headed by Aston, Birmingham and Warwick Universities to deliver a day at the NEC brimming with opportunity for businesses and investors. Over 80 West Midlands companies attended, allowing businesses to compete, network and learn more about local industries. With such […]

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our second blog…

Posted on Wed-03-2011 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

So the BIG news is that at the Best Business Awards we won a gold standard award, which given that our category was dominated by Birmingham City Council (BCC) businesses at a BCC backed awards ceremony was pretty damn good and the best we could have hoped for. We are well chuffed The biggest thing […]

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and so it begins…

Posted on Sat-03-2011 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

So it begins……actually beginnings are quite important so we don’t want this to be a rubbish one. Given a choice we would have trumpets and elephants and two dozen dancers synchronising over a mirrored lake with a sea lion balancing a large rubber ball whilst playing the mandolin. Unfortunately though it’s not that kind of grand […]

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