Evolution of Brand

Posted on 11 January 2017

First things first… Happy 2017 to all!

Ever wondered how thestudio would look without it’s clothes on?…

Whether you’re donning a suit and tie or the type of person to rock up in your PJs, it’s clear that everyone has different standards of what they’d consider fashionable. With new trends constantly sprouting whilst others become embarrassing past relics that spur the feeling “what was I thinking!”, it’s no wonder people reinvent themselves with their dress sense.

But what’s fashion got to do with thestudio?!  Well, last year we declared our idea of “brand” is all about perceptions, it’s what people say when you’re not in the room (click here to get up to date). Fashion is no exception, luxury labels like Prada and Luis Vuitton both paint a picture of wealth while Nike conjures up physical feats. But now there is a movement, a movement away from big flashy logos, to the point where individuals are removing them from their clothes!

Why people are cutting brand logos off their clothing?” is an interesting article looking at why people are pulling away from being branded and literally removing trademarks.

A Sign of the times…

“In 2015, a report by Goldman Sachs revealed that millennials prefer clothing without labels or logos. When a person can transform themselves into a “brand” with some well-lit Instagram photos and considered Tweeting, essentially advertising someone else’s product on their chest or handbag can become less appealing.”

In this digital age where social media reins king, outward appearances are becoming even more so important. We’ve learnt that what buzz words a brand associates itself with, isn’t necessarily what an individual wishes to be associated with. Society’s affair with uniqueness has led us into being more self-representative and more aware of how we wish to be perceived. In essence, to be our own brand!

thestudio no more…

Remove our brand what would you be left with? A great team with a customer first attitude! Just like the loyal customer who has faith in the quality of their newest fashion statement… the proof is in the pudding!