There’s been a lot of debate regarding the link between our brains and food. The food we eat influences our brain.  Refined sugars give an energy boost but after a short while they cause drowsiness, proteins keep us active longer and the right mix of carbs (sugars), protein and fat benefits our health; and it’s not just us saying that. It’s science!

Now, we tend to take science very seriously here @thestudio and ever since we opened our first venue in Birmingham we’ve made sure that we build our menus with everything that we need in order to keep our brains working (more…)

It’s been a week since International CONFEX (19th – 21st March) in London closed its doors. How time flies in the world of events! It seems only yesterday we were unwrapping our Christmas gifts and now we’re slowly wrapping up the month of March! It’s funny that in a world based on people contact you really seem to sometimes miss keeping in touch with your fellow colleagues and peers. CONFEX is a great opportunity to meet old acquaintances, get to know new people and hear people’s enthusiasm for the services we offer.

This year we were part of an elite selection of venues that were brought forth under the Meet Birmingham umbrella. It was great to see so many people who recognise the advantages of holding meetings in the Birmingham area. More than ever, people realise that the West Midlands is a great hub for bu (more…)