Some people say it’s mystical, a magic potion that ignites your mornings with promise and opportunity… We call it coffee! There’s no denying a great cup of morning pick me up really can make you feel invincible.

The way you start your day really matters to us, that’s why we’ve joined forces with Redber coffee roasters and upgraded all the coffee and machines in our venues, ensuring you start your day off perfectly!

We have introduced new bean to cup Esprecious machines as well as new filter Aurora machines across all locations. Whether your daily grind calls for a latte, mocha, or a simple unadulterated cup of the pure stuff, we have it all brewing for you …

Our new blend…

Coffee beans grown in the nutrient dense volcanic soils of Honduras and the high altitude of the Cachoeira farm combine to make our delicious “studio blend”. This offers a smooth, aromatic taste experience with chocolatey/nutty undertones.

Redber buy directly from source, starting with a delicate green bean which is then roasted to order for us and delivered the next day. This means you’ll always have a fresh coffee experience.

We cannot tell you how excited we are to be offering such a great product with a fantastic new coffee partner. The buzz around the venues (not only from the caffeine!) is just wonderful. Great taste, ethical sourcing, happy customers… what more could we ask for?!

Fun fact…

Did you know coffee is a fruit? The bean which we use grows inside a coffee cherry! Though we wouldn’t go as far to say it counts towards one of your five a day.

Something for everyone….

Not a coffee drinker? Watch this space, we’ll soon be introducing a new range of teas… They are eco-friendly and biodegradable! Find out more about Birchall teas by clicking the link below: 

We’re excited for all the developments 2020 will bring and from everyone @thestudio, we wish you your best year yet!

It’s finally here, the British summer has decided to make an appearance halfway through the year. Better late than never we say! Before we strut our stuff in shorts and add cocktail umbrellas to all our cold drinks, there is one hurdle to jump

We spend a good portion of our lives dedicated to our careers which usually means business attire! Whilst presentation is everything, being suited and booted often leads us to feeling hot under the collar. Despite retiring your blazer to your chair back, heat can be a problem.

So how would you keep your guests from falling asleep in your events? Read on for our top tips for keeping your team cool and engaged this summer!

1 – Feel that breeze! Let’s be honest, no one wants to be confined to an office space for the whole day. Not much has changed from those long hot schooldays spent peering out the window wishing you were outside. That’s why it’s important to have the best of both worlds. Choose an event venue that offers an outdoor area where guests can stretch their legs and get that all important dose of vitamin D. It’ll make a huge difference to their outlook and concentration.

2 – Avoid stuffy rooms… Open the windows! General ventilation is a blessing in hot weather conditions. Making sure there is a flow of air will have a significant effect on your guests’ comfort. How to make sure the venue offers exactly what you need? Getting a first-hand perspective of what you’ve booked really helps, book in to visit the event space you’ve booked!

3 – Ice cream! Everyone loves surprises, especially ones involving food. Refresh your guests by treating them to ice cream. It’s a great trick that’ll offer some refuge from the heat and a much-needed sugar boost! Rest assured ice cream isn’t the only option, how about: cool fruit kebabs, individual pots of sorbet, smoothies, jugs of iced tea or even hire in a Slushie machine! The possibilities are endless… Check with your events space what they could offer.

4 – Engage your guests… Visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic, keeping different types of learners engaged in the baking heat is a challenge to say the least! Our solution? Try having ice breaker style activities dotted throughout your event. Three short 5 minute activities will help refocus your guests. Using lightly competitive games, quizzes or puzzles alongside your event topic will make the information more memorable. Alternatively, you could book an external company through your venue who offer fun team building exercises!

5 – Hydration breaks… We all respond to heat differently, some of us relish in the inferno whilst others recoil at the thought of being hot. One sure fire way to douse that flame is to incorporate hydration breaks into your event. These little breathers will help the day keep pace and allows each individual to regulate their own body temperature. After-all, water is the elixir of life!

We hope our summer suggestions will help you in your events. Tweet us your cool ideas @studiovenues.

Written by: Jyoti Banga

It feels as though the long-awaited British summer has abandoned us and now businesses are already advertising for Christmas?! We understand the injustice, it might seem unthinkably soon to entertain the thought, so here’s a few reasons why it’s a brilliant idea to get cracking on the planning…

Get bookin’ good lookin’…

“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” – Mark Twain. Thankfully you don’t have to make frog eating part of your morning routine, instead, banish procrastination by doing your least loved task first. Booking a Christmas party venue might be at the top of this list! So… get cracking, tick it off and sit back and enjoy that summer we are all waiting for!

Thoughtful questions…

As you can imagine, there’s a whole heap of aspects to take into consideration when looking at potential venues. What your team needs and what the venue offers should be paramount. Here’s a few questions for consideration to help guide your thought processes:
Getting there… Does the chosen venue offer a variety of transport links to suit all budgets?
Classic or quirky? The style of your chosen venue says a lot about your brand and your team, does your choice tick all the boxes?
– Do you want to be part of a joiner party night or would you like exclusive use of the venue?
– What other events are going on in the venue on the same date, will it impact your party?
– Will the venue offer event security for peace of mind?
– Food for thought… It’s really important to take into consideration the catering of the event. People come in all different shapes and sizes, and so do diets! Allergies, religious or preference… can the venue support all these requirements?
– Check out the bar prices in advance so the drinks are affordable and in line with what your guests would expect as high street prices
– Does the venue have all the appropriate licences; liquor, entertainment, music, etc
– Does your package include merrymaking essentials like DJ and decorations?
Storage… Would you need to store items before or after the party?
– Weigh up if you’d implement a “drink voucher” system so everyone gets their fair share. It comes in handy when you’re budget conscious!
– Is the venue fully accessible and able to welcome all of your guests?
– Will some of the team need accommodation? Is there a good range of options nearby?

Party time…

Let’s be honest, it’s always great to have something to look forward to, and what better than a party pencilled in for December. Remember your end of year festivities are in celebration of all your achievements. You may not be counting down the days just yet but before you’ll know it, it’ll be time to go out with a bang!

The run down…

In a nutshell, there are perks of arranging your Christmas shin dig now: avoid both stress and fully booked venues with something to look forward to. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to take hold of the sleigh reins and start jotting some ideas down.

Everyone needs a safe space from time to time, a place where you can recharge, restore and refill your positive energy. We’ve had the opportunity to offer just that, by welcoming homeless support charity Crisis through our doors this Christmas for the third year running.

Crisis do amazing work in leading those experiencing homelessness into a better life. By offering guidance to poverty sufferers, Crisis provides the support they need to empower themselves to create a positive change through education, support, employment and health. Our doors are open this week as the host venue for Crisis@Christmas, offering health and wellbeing support along with company, warmth, hot drinks and turkey baps with all the trimmings.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Crisis’s work with the community, please click here to visit their website.

Cathedral Christmas lunch…

This Saturday our chefs will be putting in some voluntary overtime to cook off a fantastic feast! In the spirit of Christmas, we’ll be dishing up 300 freshly cooked Christmas dinners for those in need at St.Peters Cathedral … a hot meal, some friendly faces and a place to be safe and warm for those in difficult and challenging circumstances.

Not just for Christmas, an extra slice…

Did you know, in an attempt to crack down on food wastage, thestudiobirmingham has been donating all leftover and excess food to Let’s Feed Brum? An amazing 4000 meals have been provided over the last couple of years. Let’s Feed Brum are a fantastic Birmingham based charity who aim to help alleviate poverty one meal at a time… Serving up delicious hot meals, the opportunity to restock on essentials and a chance to connect with other people.

If you’d like to know more about the charities, we currently work with through out our locations please click here.

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas break full of festive cheer, we look forward to welcoming you in the New Year and sharing with you another exciting studio year in 2019.

It’s dark! And with the darkness sets in an undeniable urge to retreat, armour yourself in the cosiest of clothes and surrender to your duvet. Trust us, you’re not alone! The sunny days of afternoon teas and wicker basket picnics feel like a hazy memory. It’s painful to waving good bye to that sun kissed glow you’ve worked on all summer, but don’t worry, we’ve got some tips to stave off the winter blues

Energy boost…

Cold weather and comfort foods go hand in hand but before you help yourself to that second serving of that dangerously delicious lasagne, remember balance is key. Our energy levels during the day are greatly influence by the quality of our sleep, food and our hydration levels. So, before you comatose on carbs, get some iron rich greens will help you power through the fatigue!


If you can see it and believe it, it is a lot easier to achieve it.” – Oprah 

Visualisation is a powerful tool. It’s proven to boosts confidence, reduces stress and increases positivity! Imagining your achievements to come is only half of the process. Forget saving your resolutions for the new year, this new focus will help you overlook the looming snow days.

For a limited time only…
Pulled out your thermals at the first sign of a falling leaf? Find comfort in the promise that there will be another (hopefully hotter) summer in the coming year. Alternatively, how about all the positives this season brings. Short of ideas? How about hot chocolate, cosy clothes and unwrapping presents!

Get Christmassy…
This could be the solution to everything! For many it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it would be scandalous to not to play some festive classics in the office. Christmas brings along a fantastic season of gift giving and over indulgence. Even if you’re a bit of a Grinch, it’s proven that doing good makes us feel good. Fight off the winter blues by making someone else smile… you’ll definitely win a good citizen award from the ghosts of Christmas past.

Time to cosy up…
HYGGE! This Danish tradition of wellbeing through all things cosy. So, if you’ve sought refuge in a blanket on a cold day and enjoyed a hot soup to go with it… you’ve been unknowingly practising “hoo-ga. Scandinavian countries are notorious for their sub-zero winters, even still they rank as the some of the happiest places in the world! Must be all thanks to Hygge. On that note… time to grab a hot chocolate!

Whether you’re a winter baby or love the sun, we wish you a fantastic season!

It’s time to raise that pinky and dust off those delicately decorated tiered dishes as this week we’re celebrating Afternoon Tea. A week dedicated to possibly the most British customs, it would be a sin not to get involved with some fun facts and the possibility of winning scones!

Tweet us your first choice finger food pic @studiovenues… The best pic could win complimentary scones to go with their next event!

3 things you might not have known…

1. Just what the Duchess ordered. Afternoon tea came about as a royal “pick me up”, in the 1800’s it was common for people to survive off only two meals a day! No wonder the Duchess of Bedford introduced bite size delights to her daily routine. We couldn’t imagine eating only twice a day, could you?

2. Low tea or high tea? Thankfully neither involves stilts or retreating to the basement! Both teas reveal social status, the time they’re eaten and, funnily enough, the table height! In the past, low tea was a commonly set up on coffee tables as a pre-dinner indulgence enjoyed by the high class. Unlike the middle class who’d enjoy it as a substitute for dinner and was commonly served at the dinner table… We like to think food as a gateway to building relationships. A cheeky afternoon tea is a brilliant way to break up the day and of course connect with those around you…

3. Intruder scones! That’s right, scones crashed the party, they weren’t part of the traditional selection of bites but were introduced during the 20th century. Now there’s only one question left to ask… a dollop of cream or jam first?

So much selection…
Bursting with sweet and savoury options, afternoon tea is a winner when it comes to social gatherings. Break the ice and start circulating, food is always a great conversation starter… Who knows it might end up with a new business venture! Luckily you don’t have to search far and wide for a great selection, we’re happy to host! Or you can do as thestudio team are doing… enjoying it throughout the week! Happy afternoon teaing from thestudio.

We’ve all experienced it. Gone to a disappointing BBQ where there were no welcome drinks, blackened burgers easily mistaken for coal and baps soggier than the British weather…

Thankfully we’re here to make sure, come rain or shine, that your BBQ’s are the best on the block! Be warned, intoxicated passers-by might want an invite!

Rock your grill with our top 5 sure-fire ways to organise and host the best BBQ ever…

1. Imagine being welcomed into a party where there was a fancy drinks station covering options from water to punch and another table filled with mouth-watering dips, crisps, crackers and only the best crudities… sounds dreamy. Having a drinks and nibbles station is the way to go in making a great first impression. Plus, it helps ease the pressure off having to slave away on the barbie straight away.

2. Sleep on it! Create out of this world flavours by marinating your fan favourite meats and veggies then leaving them to soak in the night before = winner.(As long as you don’t burn them of course!). Tease and tantalise your guests taste buds with adventurous spice blends. We’ve got a few in our cookbook, have you had a thumb through yet?

3. Finishing touches… compliment fiery, sweet and smoky barbecue flavours with sensationally seasoned salads and side dishes. These can be prepared in advance and assembled at the last minute to give you the ultimate title of being The Host with the Most!

4. Have the element of surprise by wowing your guests with sweet treats. Ever tried flame grilled pineapple kebabs? Delicious! How about a hot banana Sunday? The possibilities are endless…

5. Mood maker… set the feel of your event and say no to awkward silences by playing fun background music, it’s a brilliant ice breaker. Remember atmosphere is everything!

Bonus tip from our Grill Master Richard Holden:

“Use the lid and master the art of grilling vs. roasting on your barbecue. Closing the lid will surround your food with heat and cook it quicker than on an open grill. Start foods over the heat to achieve those gorgeous caramelisation marks before moving to an area of roasting heat to cook through thoroughly. I always use a digital thermometer to check my food is safely cooked before serving to guests and my golden rule is “75 – Stayin’ Alive!” The core of your food should be 75c in order that it’s safe to eat.”

Now you’re on the road to becoming a barbecue master! Interested in having an expert Richard Holden show you a thing or two? Feel free to ask our team or click here…

Happy hosting from thestudio, you’ll most likely catch us basking on our roof terraces!

It’s heating up at thestudio this May as we’ve got some exciting news to share! Our cookbook BALANCE has arrived in all of our venues and is rammed with over 60 healthy recipes!
The book fits perfectly with our food philosophy, an affordable but beautiful book that has been created in response to the amount times we have heard “lunch was delicious” can you ask the chef for the recipe!

But here’s a few things you might not have known about our little book of BALANCE

Not for profit…

That’s right, this little number is a not for profit book! All the proceeds go directly to supporting the Nutrition & Diet Resource UK a not for profit organisation for patient centred care working in the public and private sector. It really is all about the food and promoting healthy balanced diets!

Daily dine…

If you’ve attended, are going to attend or actually are at thestudio this very moment, chances are you’ll be lunching on one of the recipes from “Balance”! With over 60 fresh, exciting and inspired dishes that have all appeared on our menus at some point, you won’t be short of combinations to choose from. Aside from an undeniably delicious afternoon break, it’s serves as the perfect time to show guests what thestudio’s made of!


Things are better when everyone can enjoy them, that’s why on a lot of our recipes, whether it’s for ethical or health reasons, we’ve highlighted ingredients within the recipes that can swapped to suit your dietary needs. Balance has a section dedicated to adapting to special diets from veganism to gluten free… we’ve got a dish for you!

Hats off to the chef…

Compliments were driving force behind the whole idea, each location chef has been involved in the creation of the book, thestudio thought it would be great to give something back to the guests who love their food, offering up the opportunity to impress their friends and family with some tasty dishes. All of this whilst contributing to the bigger picture.

Nutrition is the key …

All the recipes have been analysed by Nutritics software, so you can be assured (if you can stick to just one portion!) of the energy, fat, carbohydrate, protein and salt content in each dish.

We’d love to hear about your favourite foodie experience at our venues, tweet @studiovenues your favourite dishes and remember, if you’d like to find out more, we’re just a fork call away

the studio conference meetings and events venue Birmingham 1st floor refreshment areaWe just can’t seem to settle down, can you guess why? It’s International Coffee Day!

If we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming you through our doors, you might have noticed we love a good coffee. We’re proud to offer you and your guests’ fresh bean to cup coffee on every mug you pour… delicious!

Test yourself and see if you’re a coffee fiend by thestudio’s standards!

1.    Have you ever experienced coffee envy?
2.    Does the thought of tasting luxurious imported beans excite you?
3.    Are you on cup #3 by 9am?
4.    Does the scent of coffee outweigh the aroma of freshly cut grass or bacon?
5.    Would you always choose a coffee over tea?
6.    Are your friends and work colleagues impressed by how many jazzy named coffees you’ve tasted?
7.    Do you have a dedicated mugs or your all-important morning pick me up?
8.    Have you invested in a trusty coffee machine and placed it lovingly by your bedside?

1 – 4 yes’s – tea drinker perhaps?
5 – 6 yes’s – Coffee has a special place in your heart!
7 – 9 yes’s – Must be still buzzing for your last coffee…
10 yes’s – You’re a true coffee fiend!

Give Me Coffee and T.V…

This wonderful world is full of hot drink connoisseurs. With each of us having our own palates and taste preferences we just can’t help ourselves but give tea drinkers a good ol’ shout out…
It may be International Coffee Day we can’t help but use this opportunity to welcome Tetley tea in our venues!

So whether you prefer a rich coffee, sweet tea or a flavoursome hot chocolate… Happy International Coffee Day from thestudio.

the studio conference meetings and events venue Birmingham team canvas artsWhat’s your favourite human quality?

Laughter. Funny people definitely leave a lasting impression on us. You might be a hard-core Seth Rogan fan or love to nestle down and stick on Mrs. Doubtfire, one thing’s for sure, everyone loves a good old giggle! Throughout time people have been admired for their talents to influence and shape the world we live in. But what do iconic greats like Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein have in common? Introducing thestudio’s favourite human quality: compassion.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”― Aesop

World Humanitarian Day…

Today we recognise and thank the efforts of those who risk their lives in the hope of improving someone else’s. Find out more about the #NotATarget campaign by clicking here.

Small Victories…

It’s great to celebrate the small victories and the little things you can do to make a difference. That’s why thestudio are teaming up with Foodinate – a multi award winning “meal-for-meal” initiative tackling food poverty in local communities. So when you’re booking a delicious Foodinate Fancy Tea, for your guests, you’ll also be providing the same amount of hot meals for your local community! You and your guests can enjoy a variety of fondant fancies, fresh lemon slices, chocolate tea cakes and Foodinate cupcakes… Compassion and kindness never tasted so good! Curious to find out more? Check out Foodinate’s website by clicking here.

We’re also working with Lets Feed Brum, have a little read of how to help the homeless in Birmingham.

From all of us @thestudio, have a brilliant weekend!