It feels as though the long-awaited British summer has abandoned us and now businesses are already advertising for Christmas?! We understand the injustice, it might seem unthinkably soon to entertain the thought, so here’s a few reasons why it’s a brilliant idea to get cracking on the planning…

Get bookin’ good lookin’…

“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” – Mark Twain. Thankfully you don’t have to make frog eating part of your morning routine, instead, banish procrastination by doing your least loved task first. Booking a Christmas party venue might be at the top of this list! So… get cracking, tick it off and sit back and enjoy that summer we are all waiting for!

Thoughtful questions…

As you can imagine, there’s a whole heap of aspects to take into consideration when looking at potential venues. What your team needs and what the venue offers should be paramount. Here’s a few questions for consideration to help guide your thought processes:
Getting there… Does the chosen venue offer a variety of transport links to suit all budgets?
Classic or quirky? The style of your chosen venue says a lot about your brand and your team, does your choice tick all the boxes?
– Do you want to be part of a joiner party night or would you like exclusive use of the venue?
– What other events are going on in the venue on the same date, will it impact your party?
– Will the venue offer event security for peace of mind?
– Food for thought… It’s really important to take into consideration the catering of the event. People come in all different shapes and sizes, and so do diets! Allergies, religious or preference… can the venue support all these requirements?
– Check out the bar prices in advance so the drinks are affordable and in line with what your guests would expect as high street prices
– Does the venue have all the appropriate licences; liquor, entertainment, music, etc
– Does your package include merrymaking essentials like DJ and decorations?
Storage… Would you need to store items before or after the party?
– Weigh up if you’d implement a “drink voucher” system so everyone gets their fair share. It comes in handy when you’re budget conscious!
– Is the venue fully accessible and able to welcome all of your guests?
– Will some of the team need accommodation? Is there a good range of options nearby?

Party time…

Let’s be honest, it’s always great to have something to look forward to, and what better than a party pencilled in for December. Remember your end of year festivities are in celebration of all your achievements. You may not be counting down the days just yet but before you’ll know it, it’ll be time to go out with a bang!

The run down…

In a nutshell, there are perks of arranging your Christmas shin dig now: avoid both stress and fully booked venues with something to look forward to. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to take hold of the sleigh reins and start jotting some ideas down.

With venues throughout the UK it’s no doubt thestudio deeply values and cherishes the communities it calls home. With this in mind, we’re continually looking for ways to connect with our local neighbours and we’ve found the perfect way… partnering up with regional charities and not for profits!


Who we are working with…

Life’s much better when we work together to create a kind and caring society. This being said, check out who we’re currently working alongside to support enriching our communities!



Foodinate Fancy Cakes are a fantastic way to support our local communities. Grab a slice of feel good by adding “Foodinate Fancy Cakes” to your event with us. Whilst enjoying a selection of delicious gluten free mini cakes, Foodinate will provide a hot nourishing meal to a local person in need. Definitely a win-win!

Here’s a little bite of insight from Foodinate… “Our partnership with The Studio has generated over 2,800 meals since 2017 and we are so grateful to be able to help make a positive impact in four different cities with them! These exclusive Foodinate Fancy Cakes are a delicious way to help provide meals for those who need them most and we can’t wait to continue tackling food poverty across the UK as part of The Studio family. So, let’s #EatCakeAndDonate!”

Find out more about Foodinate by clicking here…


Let’s Feed Brum…

A brilliant Birmingham based charity who focuses on providing “food, drink, essential supplies and friendship” to those living on our streets. We’ve teamed up with Let’s Feed Brum to help get these Brummies back on their feet, every day our chefs and catering team package up any extras, providing nutritious meals to be served up and offered in the soup kitchen. Just by booking lunch with us, you may be contributing to the bigger picture!

Christmas 2018, our chefs put in some voluntary overtime to cook off a fantastic feast! In the spirit of Christmas, we contributed 300 freshly cooked Christmas dinners for those in need at St.Peters Cathedral. Ben Rafiqi from Lets Feed Brum commented on the occasion…

“Saturday did go brilliantly!! And your team were amazing!
They popped up with a pre-delivery on a trolley, then suggested we fetch it the rest up on three trolleys. A few extra hands went down, no vehicle needed. By the time they were back the Cathedral had been filling up. But no downing tools from the Studio team, no…. up with the sleeves and onward into the crowded chaos serving with a smile, clearly experienced with trench warfare and relishing every moment.
230 people were served, a happy mood prevailed, joyous music sprinkled itself upon the gatherers…….all went away clutching a gift.
Your guys were so good I hereby confer upon them Honorary Membership of Let’s Feed Brum.
Thank you the Studio, we love you!”

Find out more about Let’s Feed Brum by clicking here…



This inspiring organisation pools all its efforts to help ease homelessness throughout the UK. Through recognising the needs of those on the street, they empower these individuals to stir up real positive change in their lives. Annually, thestudio joins hands with Crisis @ Christmas, hosting their guests with delicious festive themed treats and a space to provide services like: health checks, mindfulness, and creative and hair/beauty sessions.


Our charity promise…

We appreciate that as a charity, funds are precious. With this in mind thestudio team will always look to offer the best rates possible on your chosen date and if not, we’ll always offer an alternative or point you in the right direction. After all, our mission statement is: Customer First!

When is it Christmas?

Do you feel like there’s a defining moment where a light bulb pings and you come to the realisation that Christmas is here again? Was it the arrival of the jolly German Markets, the iconic Coca Cola commercial announcing ‘holidays are coming!’ or maybe just the cold weather coupled with the long nights? In the run up to the magical 25th December, there’s always that one thing which makes you take a deep breath in and release with the thought Christmas is here!

Thankfully for many of us, the grand entrance of festivities usually stirs up fond memories of warm evenings in spent cradling a cup of hot chocolate, a furry companion cosied up by the fire, being surrounded by family and friends topped off with feeling uncomfortably full. Unfortunately our reality is a dream for some.

Spare a thought…

Homelessness is a huge problem in the UK and regrettably for some, it can mean spending Christmas sleeping rough, without food or company.
Luckily Crisis do amazing work in leading those experiencing homelessness into a better life. By offering guidance to poverty sufferers, Crisis provides the support they need to empower themselves to create a positive change.

A helping hand…

Sometimes all you need is a little pick me up. That’s why here @thestudio we’re happy to welcome back and support Crisis with their Crisis @ Christmas campaign! Joining forces with volunteers, they’ll be holding health checks, mindfulness, creative and hair/beauty sessions. We’ll be hosting

For more information on their work this winter please click here.

Wishing everyone a lovely Christmas and new year from thestudio.

Frost bitten trees, twinkling lights, long nights… Winter brings great change to both our landscape and to our hearts. With Christmas firmly planting its snow boots on our door step, Santa at the ready to sneak down our chimneys, cities and homes all beautifully adorned in quaint decorations, it’s no wonder we’re all completely taken in by this magical season! And of course thestudio will be getting involved!

Cold feet…
Don’t be put off numb fingers and Rudolf red nose sufferers, optimism isn’t the only thing that can fight off the frost. Stave off those winter blues with some festive cheer and brighten up the day with the simplest of pleasures.

Boost your team with these seven super suggestions:

1. Decorate the office! Maybe importing a snow machine would be a little much…
2. Belt out some Christmas classics in the office. Sometimes you just can’t help but sing along
3. Short trip to the Markets? Nothing quite like a comforting hot chocolate to soothe the cold
4. Yule be crowned a winner! Have a friendly competition of who can make the best Yule log
5. Whether it’s dress down Tuesday or casual Fridays, why not dig out “those” jumpers
6. Secret Santa anyone?!

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate there’s nothing quite like immersing the team in the season!

Get your knits out…

This Wednesday we’ll be pulling out all the stops, so join us in wearing our Christmas jumpers! The team are looking forward to wearing their cosy Xmas pullovers whilst gift giving as secret Santa’s.

Entertain yourself by checking out what thestudio teamed asked for when they were young…

Navisha – A bike and hells yeah! I was so happy when I received it 

Chris – I wanted a puppy! I got a guide dog puppy but we had to give it back at the end of the year 

Rachel – I went mad for a furby! Then I bet after a couple of months I got bored of it and it got packed away … oops!

Mandy – I really wanted roller-skates. All the craze in the 80’s. Roller-skates and skateboards. My parents pretended to have bought my brother the skate board he wanted and nothing for me. At which I cried. They had actually bought me them and so I was so happy.
I was always one of those children who didn’t want to get hurt so didn’t really partake in physical activity!
I think I tried riding them just a handful of times before I gave up trying to learn.
What a waste!

Prabjot – I really wanted a furby… never got one though. Also wanted a Tamagotchi, and I got one of those… promptly got bored and then used the batteries for a book!

Whether you’re on Santa’s naughty or nice list, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from thestudio.

Guess what we got up to last Thursday?

If you answered with handing out one of those novelty sized cheques, then call yourself Mystic Meg as you’re 100% right!

Charity Cheque…

thestudio loves to work with and support the local communities in the cities we call home, it gives us that Friday feeling every day of the week.

Have you heard of Wood Street Mission? They’re an amazing children’s charity which helps and supports local families in Manchester & Salford. At their core, they believe all children should live a poverty free life, encouraging them to value education and offering practical guidance so families can raise themselves out of poverty.

If you “teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The fisherman needs the basics before he can start to provide for himself… And that’s what Wood Street Mission supply, the necessities!

If you’ve booked thestudio’s funky, retro space The Classroom, you’ve directly helped to support local Mancunians! For every confirmed event in Classroom, thestudio makes a £10.00 contribution to Wood Street Mission!

Our Commercial Director, Julian Kettleborough, was happy to present Wood Street Mission with £1,210.

We look forward in continuing our work with Wood Street Mission and a huge thank you to our clients, you help make this possible!

crisis-2Christmas is undoubtedly the ultimate season of giving. It’s a time where even the most cold hearted of characters are sprung to life with a sprinkle of Christmas spirit. The sight of people scattering, frantically buying and wrapping presents comes with the season, but here at thestudio we recognise the most precious gift you can give someone is your time.

Teaming up with CRISIS Birmingham we’ve taken up the opportunity to give something back to this great city. Opening our doors for two days in the run up to Christmas, CRISIS have hosted a free drop in centre offering advice and support as well as medical and rejuvenating treatments, such as haircuts, facials, pedicures and manicures.

All treatments were provided by local volunteers and supported by the CRISIS team.  thestudio dedicated one of our largest rooms and most importantly lunch! Being the massive foodies that we are, it would be sacrilege to not offer up delicious turkey and stuffing baps with an equally appetizing vegetarian option of falafel to all that joined us, along with copious cups of hot drinks to warm the toes and the soul. To top off the festivities was a live band, again from willing volunteers to offer some festive cheer.

At the end of each year we are reminded that it is important to give, that the most valuable things in this life cannot be bought and if Evan Almighty has taught us anything; one random act of kindness can make someone’s day. We can’t change the world, but every little thing does make a difference to someone, please just be kind.

To everyone, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from thestudio.


On the twelfth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
12 Drummers Drumming
Eleven Pipers Piping
Ten Lords a Leaping
Nine Ladies Dancing
Eight Maids a Milking
Seven Swans a Swimming
Six Geese a Laying
Five Golden Rings
Four Calling Birds
Three French Hens
Two Turtle Doves
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree


Your wish list may not be as long as this but did you know it’s less than 12 days to Christmas! With not long to go, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to wrap up 2016 with our quarterly team meeting.

We value team bonding and the effort everyone makes to attend thestudio forum is phenomenal, Gillian even flew in from Glasgow! Our forums present a space where our tight knit team can freely discuss ways to develop in 2017, pledging to continually support each other across departments all whilst enjoying a cheeky glass of mulled wine and the odd mince pie.

Home Alone…

This year we opted to stay within our venue. Being firm believers that a change of scenery can truly inspire you, we transformed the Atrium into a Lapland wonderland filled with the usual suspects (Christmas tree, fairy lights) but with a few extra surprises!


If we’ve had the privilege of hosting your event, you’ll have noticed our strong customer orientation from the onset! With this in mind, here at the studio, we believe everyone’s role within our business is important, whether it’s picking up the phone or your first steps through our doors, we appreciate everyone has an impact on our customer’s journey.

thestudio team Assemble!

A gathering made up of our all three of our venues (Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds) thestudio undertook their final quarterly meeting of the year! As t’is the season to be jolly and give gifts, the evening kicked off with the ultimate Christmas convention: Secret Santa. Gathered around the large open space that doubles up as our business lounge, the atrium is everything a sparkle with all things Christmas. Adorned with fairy lights and a jazzily dressed tree, it was the perfect setting for the team to dish out the prezzies!

After the initial festivities it was time to get down to the nitty gritty with thestudio forum meeting. Sounding a lot more daunting than it is, this little get together acted as a roundup of the year just gone and upcoming plans for the near future. With a mulled wine or cider to hand, all departments had their chance to present and discuss next year’s business ambitions then it was off to Stable Pizza for pizza, pies and cider… a promising start to the end of year indulgence!

Christmas is a time where people are naturally drawn to one another and is the perfect season to rebuild bridges once burnt, in the hope of a more unified future… Wishing you all a very merry Christmas from thestudio team!

If we’ve had the pleasure of hosting your all-important meeting, party or event, you could probably tell from our lunch menu (Tandoori roasted chicken skewers with mint and cucumber raita, Heritage carrot tart tatin with red onion marmalade just to name a couple), that we @studiovenues HEART our food. We even hold a not so secret quarterly menu tasting. You’re most welcome to join us for a nibble, get in touch by phone, enquiry or social media!

When thestudio Birmingham got a new neighbour earlier in November, our undeniable love for all things fun, festive and food, the time had come for the team to grab their sleighs and head down to the German Market!

Full of whimsy, wonder and fantastically festive, year after year the stalls are brimming with stocking fillers and trinkets full of Christmas charm. As if that wasn’t enough, the market is laden with seasonal treats. As it is a forgivingly indulgent time of year, a foot long bratwurst is not out of the question! With the promise of a white Christmas high on the cards, it was no wonder the team were drawn to the comfort of a hot chocolate and a fresh off the grill sausage.

Feel like you’re missing out? The German Market has nestled into many cities around the UK, so whether you’re way up in Leeds, mooching in Manchester or busy in Birmingham, be sure to visit them before they leave in late December!

Wishing you a very merry time in the run up to Christmas!

With the dreary weather threatening to dampen our spirits, thestudio team thought it was time to fight the frost by taking to the German Markets. Said to be the biggest of its kind outside of Germany, the market has a whole host of interesting trinkets, stocking fillers and bites to eat.

Tis the season to be jolly…

Christmas is widely accepted as a time for indulgence and so it should be! It’s the most wonderful time of the year to treat yourself and more importantly others. From ginger bread houses to the renowned Bratwurst, the market is bursting from the seams with timely treats. (more…)