wedulegoJust watched The Secret Life of Lego on CH4 the other day and whether you’re loony for Lego or yet to discover your “love for the brick”, this documentary will shock, intrigue and draw you in.

From shrouded tall tales of a 1997 lost LEGO shipment gracing the shores of Cornwall with ‘treasure’ to surreal buildings which transform at the touch of a button, this documentary offers a curious insight into one of the worlds’ largest toy companies.

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Whatcha talking ‘bout…

Apart from being a great watch, you may be wondering what all this has to do with thestudio. Well we’ll happily reveal our similarities! As you know, thestudio ethos of driving a customer focused mentality and developing a family culture within the team are paramount, for us it’s not just about getting talented people, but getting the ‘right people’, better put studio people. We like to think that our team is much like a jigsaw puzzle; everyone brings something different to the table but fits well together to make the bigger picture. Unsurprisingly LEGO feel the same, an international company having shared philosophy that runs throughout the ranks is definitely a win. (more…)