48727-031Onwards and Upwards!

thestudio are moving up in the world! Up north to be precise, further afield then Manchester, we have now set up camp in Leeds!

What is this place you speak of?!

If you were given a map of the UK, would you be able to point out a City called Loidis? It’s a bit of a trick question but if you know where Loiners come from, you’d know we’re talking about Leeds! In 731, our new place of settlement was formerly known as Loidis which then became (more recognisably) Ledes. Sooner or later it unscrambled to make the name we know it as today.

Silver Screen Stardom…

Did you know the first moving picture was shot in Leeds? We didn’t either! Apparently in 1888, French inventor Louise Le Prince recorded scenes in Roundhay Garden and of Leeds Bridge. From silver screens to going for gold, Roundhay Park holds the top spot on Tripadvisor’s top 30 things to do in Leeds list. (more…)

Had an interesting read this week about social media and content on the Event Magazine’s blog and it got me thinking about content and our business.  Thestudio’s mission statement is customer first and everything revolves around our customers’ experience. Since the explosion of the social media we too have joined in the millions that are using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep in touch with our clients.

Looking back through our blog’s archive or Twitter history one word stands out more than any: Engage. Our small but steadily growing community keeps connected, lets others know about different events of interest for their particular business, helps with recommendations, advice and suggestions about any topic of interest. Our team keeps their ears and eyes peeled to anything that happens around the business that might affect how delegates travel from traffic news to the recent developments in New Street in Birmingham.

Social media advocates (I dare not call them experts since there is social media is so versatile and volatile that hardly anyone can be called and expert) call on relevant and insightful content to be delivered to consumers, a content that carries with it what the brand stands for. With so many companies that are in the game how do you keep content relevant: how not to be pushed into the shallows, how not to take after so many others that offer small rewards for tweeting and retweeting, or promote exclusive social media offers?

Well, if Scott Stratten is right “to be great at customer service, you only need to be mediocre, because everyone else sucks” then what are we doing? Nothing more than to treat people like we would like to be treated; everyday; in our venues and outside them. Do you think we could do more? Please share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment here or tweet @studiovenues.

Later edit: 1st of May  – it’s official. Director Emma Jennings graduates the Goldman Sachs 10000 small business programme. More about this here.