On Global Meetings Industry Day we thought it would be a good chance to reflect on the past few weeks. This week in particular has been one of the busiest for thestudio since the Government ‘Roadmap to Reopening’ was announced back in February.

We had already seen the number of booking enquiries we have received jump and in recent weeks and in turn seen this turn into firm commitments from our customers.

What’s more, conversations have turned from cancelling, postponing and rearranging to new dates, new events and a new air of confidence that this time we can truly start to get back to normal.

All really encouraging stuff, isn’t it?

This week though has been something else entirely.

This week we have seen all of that continue. We have also seen some of our spaces refreshed, revitalised and ready to go. We have seen our live streaming studio, ideal for hybrid and virtual events, really take off and in use again (and what a tremendous offer it is too – find out more here) but crucially we have seen more and more clients in our buildings, conducting their meetings and training in a mature, safe and secure manner. Nobody has been on edge, no one has misbehaved, everyone has followed the rules. The result? Happy guests and an environment that works without putting anyone at risk.

As we move through the stages out of lockdown we’re looking forward to being able to welcome more and more guests through our doors for all kinds of events. We’re ready to welcome you with the promise that Covid-19 or no Covid-19, safe, seamless and successful events at thestudio are here to stay, just like they have always been.

Happy Global Meetings Industry Day!

You may have heard about it already (we’ve been quite excited about this so hard to keep quiet!) but we are absolutely delighted to confirm we are now working with AV specialists Bryght to deliver a dedicated live streaming studio at thestudio Birmingham.

The “Bryght Studio at thestudio is now being offered to all of our clients as a seamless city centre production solution. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to partner with a tech specialist who share our values to ensure we meet the needs of those guests who are looking for a safe and seamless event solution in these extraordinary timesThere is still an opportunity to expand the offer, our relationship with Bryght is set to grow and we are looking forward to offering the Bryght Studio at thestudio across all our locations over the forthcoming months.

We caught up briefly with Bryght director Nick Ricketts who told us “It’s been our ambition to offer a city centre production facility for some time and during the last few months we’ve seen a significant increase in demand for this offer. We wanted to partner with an equally dynamic organisation and our relationship with thestudio enables us to provide the latest in high technology equipment with the support of an experienced event team in one of the city’s most established and creative event venues 

We have been working hard to build a flexible package suited to the needs of all clients including virtual and hybrid options. We understand that for some clients this will be their first experience in hosting virtual or hybrid events and we want everyone to feel confident that they have our full support throughout every step of the process. The Bryght Studio at thestudio compliments our existing services and we’re now proud to be able to offer a full hybrid and virtual event offer, no matter what your budget.

We will catch up with Nick next week to dive a little deeper into what the Bryght Studio at thestudio can offer you for your next hybrid or virtual event. To find out more click here.

As our industry starts to see the green shoots of recovery we are delighted to report an 88% increase in confirmed business since the Prime Ministers roadmap out of lockdown announcement in February.


We’ve been working hard over the past few months to ensure we have solutions available to allow our clients to take the bold step back into events and we’re pleased that confidence is growing and confirmed bookings are falling into our diary.

“We have been pleased to be open to support with critical training throughout this latest lockdown, however as enquiry levels grow and a return to regular events comes into view, the news of an increase in confirmed business signals the next step in a long-awaited recovery, which is exciting not just for us, but for the industry as a whole” says our Commercial Director Julian Kettleborough

“We have been working hard to build our offer and continue to increase the flexibility we are able to give our clients including virtual and hybrid options. We want everyone to feel confident that they have our full support when making the bold step back into holding their events. We are really pleased that this work, coupled with a positive announcement from the Government, has meant we are experiencing an increase in enquiries and more importantly firm commitments from our clients.”

“Whilst the end is sight we still have a lot of work to do both as a business and as part of the industry and we certainly don’t want to sit still. We will continue to work closely with our clients, listening and being flexible to their needs to ensure they have the confidence to book their events for the coming months.”

Whether you are looking for a totally live event, hybrid or virtual options, if you want to Boldy GO speak to us today or have a take a look at how we can support you here.


We know it’s been a while but if you are ready to meet, then we’re ready to welcome you with safe and seamless meeting and event spaces in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow.

If you need extra room then we’ve got so much space you can ‘boldy go’ where other guests fear to tread.

And don’t worry if it’s a giant leap too far. For bookings up to September 2021 we’ll offer a flexible booking guarantee which will allow you to cancel or amend your booking as little as 7 days prior with no questions asked.

To book please call 0800 028 6694  or email us on events@thestudio.co.uk


Today is World Homeless Day… How can a day ever be enough for this enormous crisis we witness on our streets EVERY day? However today is the day we can try to raise awareness for those of us who are less fortunate suffering from homelessness, to not just highlight the persistent predicament, but to share ways in which we, as a community, can invoke a positive response in providing opportunities, help and support.

It’s saddening to know that we reached the highest record of homelessness in January 2018 and it continues to grow, but there is much we can do to help. Click here to find out more and don’t forget show your support #WorldHomelessDay @homelessday

thestudio deeply values and cherishes the communities it calls home. We feel strongly about our local communities, so we’ve teamed up with local charities and not for profit organisations to try a do a little bit…

Who we are working with…?

Wood Street Mission…

This amazing children’s charity which helps and supports local families in Manchester & Salford. At their core, they believe all children should live a poverty free life, encouraging them to value education and offering practical guidance so families can raise themselves out of poverty.

For every booking in our alternative, self-contained events space: The Classroom we offer a £10 donation towards Wood Street Mission’s remarkable work. Enjoy retro snacks whist gathering your team to motivate and inspire whilst supporting some locals.

Find out more about Wood Street Mission by clicking here…


Foodinate Fancy Cakes are a fantastic way to support our local communities. Grab a slice of feel good by adding “Foodinate Fancy Cakes” to an event with us. Whilst enjoying a selection of delicious gluten free mini cakes, Foodinate will provide a hot nourishing meal to a local person in need.

Find out more about Foodinate by clicking here…

Let’s Feed Brum…

A brilliant Birmingham based charity who focuses on providing “food, drink, essential supplies and friendship” to those living on our streets. We’ve teamed up with Let’s Feed Brum to help get these Brummies back on their feet, every day our chefs and catering team package up any extras, providing nutritious meals to be served up and offered in the soup kitchen. Just by booking lunch with us, you may be contributing to the bigger picture.
Last December our team even cooked and helped serve a Christmas lunch for 300 homeless souls in the Cathedral, quite a feat and one we were all proud to be involved with.

Find out more about Let’s Feed Brum by clicking here…


This inspiring organisation pools all its efforts to help ease homelessness throughout the UK. Through recognising the needs of those on the street, they empower these individuals to stir up real positive change in their lives. Annually, thestudio joins hands with Crisis @ Christmas, hosting their guests with delicious festive themed treats and a space to provide services like health checks, mindfulness, creativity, hair and well-being sessions.

Find out more about Crisis by clicking here…

We’d love to help more and are open to your great ideas and suggestions. Please feel free to DM us on twitter @studiovenues with your thoughts on how we can help build a better future for us all.

It feels as though the long-awaited British summer has abandoned us and now businesses are already advertising for Christmas?! We understand the injustice, it might seem unthinkably soon to entertain the thought, so here’s a few reasons why it’s a brilliant idea to get cracking on the planning…

Get bookin’ good lookin’…

“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” – Mark Twain. Thankfully you don’t have to make frog eating part of your morning routine, instead, banish procrastination by doing your least loved task first. Booking a Christmas party venue might be at the top of this list! So… get cracking, tick it off and sit back and enjoy that summer we are all waiting for!

Thoughtful questions…

As you can imagine, there’s a whole heap of aspects to take into consideration when looking at potential venues. What your team needs and what the venue offers should be paramount. Here’s a few questions for consideration to help guide your thought processes:
Getting there… Does the chosen venue offer a variety of transport links to suit all budgets?
Classic or quirky? The style of your chosen venue says a lot about your brand and your team, does your choice tick all the boxes?
– Do you want to be part of a joiner party night or would you like exclusive use of the venue?
– What other events are going on in the venue on the same date, will it impact your party?
– Will the venue offer event security for peace of mind?
– Food for thought… It’s really important to take into consideration the catering of the event. People come in all different shapes and sizes, and so do diets! Allergies, religious or preference… can the venue support all these requirements?
– Check out the bar prices in advance so the drinks are affordable and in line with what your guests would expect as high street prices
– Does the venue have all the appropriate licences; liquor, entertainment, music, etc
– Does your package include merrymaking essentials like DJ and decorations?
Storage… Would you need to store items before or after the party?
– Weigh up if you’d implement a “drink voucher” system so everyone gets their fair share. It comes in handy when you’re budget conscious!
– Is the venue fully accessible and able to welcome all of your guests?
– Will some of the team need accommodation? Is there a good range of options nearby?

Party time…

Let’s be honest, it’s always great to have something to look forward to, and what better than a party pencilled in for December. Remember your end of year festivities are in celebration of all your achievements. You may not be counting down the days just yet but before you’ll know it, it’ll be time to go out with a bang!

The run down…

In a nutshell, there are perks of arranging your Christmas shin dig now: avoid both stress and fully booked venues with something to look forward to. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to take hold of the sleigh reins and start jotting some ideas down.

Suffering from summer time sadness and wishing you too were on holidays? The weather might not be great but here’s a few things we think could brighten up your day, especially if you’re paying us a visit!

Don’t forget the sun tan lotion…

Being the number one topic of all our gripes and groans, the British weather is renowned for its ups and downs. This being said, when the sun decides to have his hat on, it’s important for us to make the most it! There’s nothing better than soaking in the sun and what a better place to do it on than our roof garden in Birmingham or terraces in Manchester and Leeds!

A toast to summer…

Is there any better way to celebrate the summer than with a tempting glass of prosecco or a soothingly cool luxury ice cream? Being firm believers of treating yourself, especially when it comes to food, our summer offer is one not to miss and available across all our venues. Check out our latest offers if you’d love an all-inclusive rate!

Where art thou Pikachu

Pokemon Go has literally taken society by storm, all generations have come together to pursue childhood dreams of becoming a Pokemaster! Or they’re just curious… But for those who have a new found addiction to pokeballs, did you know thestudiobirmingham is sat right next to a plaque dedicated to William Shakespeare which doubles up as a Pokestop! Now you can top up both your coffee and stash of revives on your break. Happy days. (more…)

glasgow all earsNo longer a wee rumour,  thestudioglasgow is set to be unveiled later this year. So in the spirit of our new Scottish home, here are some things you may or may not have known about Glasgow!

• We all know New York is a ‘hell of a town’ but did you know that Glasgow has its own Statue of Liberty?!  Mounted on The City Chambers, the figure of Truth stands proud mirroring on a smaller scale its twin from across the pond.

• ET phone home…  Fortunately this transmission’s origins were terrestrial; Scotland had its first taste of TV in the one and only Grand Central Hotel. A place familiar to thestudio team… Check out our Glasgow away day!

• Why the long face?  Home to the longest bar in Europe, measuring over a whopping 104ft, the bar stretched its way into the Guinness book of records… and rightly so! Aptly named the Horseshoe Bar.

• Did you know Glasgow has the fourth largest population within the UK ? That’s a lot of Glaswegians!

• Third place to only London and Budapest, Glasgow owns the third oldest subway system in the world! Pretty impressive, and it’s even got its own nickname: Clockwork Orange!

• If you love a bit of football trivia this is one for you… the first international match was held on 1872 in the land of kilts West of Scotland Cricket Club. Though the team weren’t from too far afield: Scotland vs England!

• When it comes to law enforcement Glasgow was ahead of its time, having established their first police force  in 1789, 40 years before London! Thankfully no sign of Robocop yet.

• A holiday that is either avoided or celebrated by the masses, St. Valentine’s Day is renowned for celebrating love. Funnily enough, this Saint’s remains can be found in the Blessed St John Duns Scotus church in Glasgow!

Now we all know a little more about our new home. If you’re curious about our new venue, stay in the loop on Facebook, LinkedIn or twitter! Have a lovely weekend all 😀