Christmas has come to an end and all the festivities firmly put to rest with the traditional purging of decorations. After every dessert laden and cheese board filled Christmas, it seems common among the masses to rejuvenate during January, working on that all important beach body for the summer. That’s on all of our minds, isn’t it? Most people, and we’re no different, tend to reflect on the previous year and in rose-tinted aspiration of the coming year, look forward to change.

This lead to the thought of this New Year’s resolutions and what thestudio team have set their sights on in 2015. (more…)

It’s been over a month now since New Year and so we’ve had plenty of time to perfect our tactics for succeeding in our new year’s resolutions. That’s if any of us have managed to stick it out this long! The most popular New Year resolutions seem to be eating more healthily, exercising more often and generally looking after our bodies. I suspect it has something to do with all the chocolates, cheese and roast dinners consumed over the Christmas break…

I’ve been questioning the team about how well their resolutions are going. We have a mix of success and epic fails. Here are a few of our resolutions and how well we did… (more…)