4 easy ways to get giving…

Posted on Wed-09-2018 by Oliver Hargreaves

Do you live by the mantra: happiness shared is happiness doubled? It’s no secret that doing good makes us feel good but with our busy work, family and life schedules, it can seem impossible to commit ourselves to anything else. Rest assured, without dedicating too much time and effort you’ll be able to feel a […]

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The Big Giveaway

Posted on Mon-11-2017 by Oliver Hargreaves

Guess what we got up to last Thursday? If you answered with handing out one of those novelty sized cheques, then call yourself Mystic Meg as you’re 100% right! Charity Cheque… thestudio loves to work with and support the local communities in the cities we call home, it gives us that Friday feeling every day […]

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Eat Cake and Donate…

Posted on Tue-11-2017 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Did you know eating cake could save the world? Well… not exactly but we’re working on it! We bond… thestudio are always looking for ways to connect with the communities we’re based in. We joined hands with letsfeedbrum, Wood Street Mission, and without further ado, we’ve partnered up with Foodinate… A not for profit organisation […]

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Soups Up!

Posted on Sun-05-2017 by Oliver Hargreaves

What’s special about today? Sundays are the king of lie ins, but why’s this Sunday like no other? Well, it’s a perfect day to talk food as it’s World Hunger Day! Nutrition, inspiration and education take the biscuit when it comes to creating a solution, click here to see how you can compel change. A […]

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Ready Steady Bake…

Posted on Thu-04-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

This week, thestudio hosted a Ready Steady Bake event in celebration and support of Birmingham St. Mary’s Hospice. Tweet us your favourite cake @studiovenues! A helping hand… What’s the best way to help  a family in need? To bake some cakes of course! With a company donation made, it was time for thestudio staff to […]

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and I will walk 10,000 miles (I mean steps)…

Posted on Wed-03-2014 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

There is a particular phenomenon typically experienced by astronauts called the Overview Effect. When individuals view the pale blue dot (Earth) surrounded by the blackness of space it induces a sudden philosophical realisation of complete unity, recognition that: “All life on earth is interconnected, and we are, in a very real sense, one.” Unfortunately I haven’t viewed the […]

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