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Our Glasgow Team Away Day

Posted on Fri-05-2016 by Oliver Hargreaves

In this modern age where information is fast and easily gained, we as a populous have a habit of losing interest and attention fairly quickly. So instead of a long winded, super descriptive take on our away day, here’s a countdown of what we got up to! Venturing into the unknown and uncharted territory (logistics […]

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Fighting Fit!

Posted on Fri-04-2016 by Oliver Hargreaves

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” Though we may not like to admit it we all know the benefits of keeping active and eating correctly. Whilst many live the active life we’re so aware of many of us hide our guilty faces in a […]

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Posted on Fri-02-2016 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Hats off to bustling Birmingham, the home of studio HQ, for being one of the happiest cities in the U.K to live and work in! Inspired by our beautiful city, we crafted this little thought provoking piece on happiness, as you can tell, we do like to get our thinking caps on. “Happiness is the […]

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What is Brand?

Posted on Fri-01-2016 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Before your trusted mobile device springs out and you start googling, what does brand mean to you? For us we imagine it to be what people say about you when you’re not in the room… Best put, it’s all about the way you want to be and are perceived! Let’s play a game… As original […]

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Feeling Festive!

Posted on Fri-12-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

If we’ve had the pleasure of hosting your all-important meeting, party or event, you could probably tell from our lunch menu (Tandoori roasted chicken skewers with mint and cucumber raita, Heritage carrot tart tatin with red onion marmalade just to name a couple), that we @studiovenues HEART our food. We even hold a not so […]

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Ready, aim, FIRE!

Posted on Thu-11-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Tonight is no ordinary night, with the sun setting early and winter already upon us it seems like a gloomy end to the day is inevitable. But all is not lost, as tonight is magical Bonfire Night and to top it off, it’s also thestudio’s Leeds launch party, so chin up! (Literally or you’ll miss […]

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Posted on Fri-10-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Quaintly decorated trees, snow flurries and hot chocolate by an open fire topped off with timeless Christmas classics are just some of the things to look forward to this festive season. Amidst the ghouls and ghosts suspended from window to window, in ample time for spooky Halloween celebrations, Christmas has tiptoed its way into the […]

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Back to School

Posted on Fri-08-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

With the remnants of the British summer slowly dying away, it won’t be long till the luscious green hues of spring and summer fade into a pile of crispy leaves. It’s almost time to dig out the cosy jumpers, gloves and boots! As appealing as that sounds you’d be forgiven for feeling like 2015 is […]

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The Big Hoo Ha!

Posted on Fri-07-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Interested in a great migration? Well, Birmingham is experiencing an influx of Giant Owls! Perching all over the city, from the centre to the outskirts, these vibrant birds will definitely catch your eye. Running from the 20th July – 27th September, these feathery friends will be on display to help raise awareness for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. […]

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La Grande Boucle…

Posted on Fri-07-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Only stopping in its tracks because of the World Wars, La Grande Boucle or as we know it, The Tour de France is an iconic, jam-packed, action filled, world class event in the annual sporting calendar, with teams from all over the world all vying for the highly acclaimed top spot and that yellow jersey. […]

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